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  • The Local Makers of Kill Devil Rum
    Let us take you back in time to the early 1700s, a time when pirates sailed the open seas. One popular pirate, named Blackbeard, terrorized many ships on the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the ships he stole from carried grain, molasses, and kegs of rum. Blackbeard loved his favorite hideaway on Ocracoke Island on the Outer Banks. This is where he had his get-togethers of... [Continue Reading]

  • Outer Banks TOP 10 Fish Tacos
    Welcome to the most delicious blog on the Outer Banks. This list is the brainchild (two year old procrastination) of a self-identifying food junkie... my original plan was to dissect each and every one, expressing my delights and dislikes, to produce a true taco dissertation. But, too much time has passed, and I'm holding my readers accountable (and liable) for the... [Continue Reading]

  • 5 Romantic Beach Proposal Ideas
    So you're thinking about proposing at the beach, who can blame you? It's one of the most beautiful settings and a place where so many couples have spent countless romantic times together. If you're in a little bit of a rut for creative ways to propose on the beach, I've got a couple for you. They range in degrees of difficulty, complexity, and originality, but... [Continue Reading]

  • 5 Bridges MUCH SCARIER to Drive Than The OBX Bonner Bridge
    Over the past few months, posts have been circulating the interwebs about the "most scenic" as well as "most terrifying" bridges to drive in the United States. One of which, the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge (a.k.a. Oregon Inlet Bridge), was posted in a scenic article and I was shocked to see all the people commenting that they were scared speechless driving over the... [Continue Reading]

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Outer Banks Fishing Tips

If you would rather get to the details of soft shell crabbing then skip this... [read more]
I love fishing. The Outer Banks of North Carolina has some of the finest... [read more]

Wedding Tips

Finally, after months of preparation, a move from NC from PA, and dozens of meetings with vendors, our big day was on the way!... [read more]
So you're thinking about proposing at the beach, who can blame you? It's one of the most beautiful settings and a place where so... [read more]

Events on the Outer Banks

It is almost America's birthday, and you know what that means..... FIREWORKS!... [read more]
​ Get ready to get steppin'! The Bodie Island Lighthouse and Hatteras... [read more]
Off Season on the Outer Banks Before I became a resident of the beautiful Outer... [read more]
Food. Food is good. Food on the Outer Banks is really good. Before I draw too... [read more]
Bodie Island lighthouse (pronounced "body") is one of the most recognizable... [read more]

OBX Oscars

The newest 2013 OBX OSCAR - from your friends at Southern Shores Realty! The... [read more]
Get ready to taste the best prepared bagel on the Outer Banks of North Carolina... [read more]
Are you looking to spend a casual yet tasteful night out on the Outer Banks?... [read more]
OBX OSCAR to JK'S Restaurant “You mean I can actually purchase your Signature... [read more]