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  • Kitty Hawk Restaurant Tour 2014
    Food. Food is good. Food on the Outer Banks is really good. Before I draw too much of your attention to my food ranting, I'd like to welcome you to another in-depth look into one of Southern Shores Realty's coveted guest rewards: Outer Banks Restaurant Tours. If you haven't heard of them before, the concept is quite genius. Outer Banks Restaurant Tours provides the... [Continue Reading]

  • REAL Outer Banks Vacation Moments - Crossing the Bridge
    I wanted to start a new video series depicting REAL moments from my Outer Banks vacationing experiences. I hope you all enjoy the first edition: "Crossing the Bridge." For us, as children, this always marked the beginning of our magical week away at the beach. Enjoy the comical and TRUE events - stay tuned for the next edition and more by SUBSCRIBING to our YouTube... [Continue Reading]

  • Outer Banks Events l July 2014
    The Outer Banks in July is jam packed with all kinds of events for the family to enjoy. The full swing of the Summer season brings something to do just about every night you are in town. From music, fireworks, concerts, to kite festivals, SUP challenges, and yoga on the Duck Town Green. Enjoy your Summer nights with events like these, just as much as you enjoy your... [Continue Reading]

  • Outer Banks Gluten-Free Restaurants
    Savoring tasty food is a fantastic experience on your Outer Banks vacation. Finding menu items that fit your dietary requirements, including Gluten-free, shouldn't have to be hectic. That's why I've compiled a list of some restaurants on the Outer Banks that serve Gluten-free items both on their menus and cooked-to-order, as well as local markets that carry Gluten-... [Continue Reading]

  • 2014 Outer Banks Running Events
    Now that the new year is underway, it's time to start planning your yearly running race schedule. With all the beautiful views the Outer Banks has to offer, it makes running seem easier here. From 1/4 mile Little Elf jog to the Outer Banks Marathon and Outer Banks Triathlon, there is fun and challenges for all ages and skill levels. To the amazing supporters, don't... [Continue Reading]

  • Outer Bank's Top 10 Surf Spots
    Top 10 Surf Spots The Outer Banks is full of things to do. I am grateful to live in an environment when asked: “what do you want to do today?” at least the first 5 to 10 things that come to mind are all outdoors, weather permitting. From riding bikes , to skating , to playing volleyball , to fishing , to surfing – the Outer Banks adds its special touch to make all of... [Continue Reading]

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Outer Banks Fishing Tips

If you would rather get to the details of soft shell crabbing then skip this... [read more]
I love fishing. The Outer Banks of North Carolina has some of the finest... [read more]

Wedding Tips

The preaching is done - I was just looking out for you! My fiance and I are very excited about our plans thus far! Like I said... [read more]
Hello everyone! Welcome to another edition of MY Outer Banks Wedding Story! This edition is to recap on our planning and... [read more]

Events on the Outer Banks

Why run a race on the road when you can take on the challenge of running the... [read more]
The Outer Banks in July is jam packed with all kinds of events for the family... [read more]
Events on the Outer Banks l August 2014 Don't let Summer pass you by without... [read more]
Now that the new year is underway, it's time to start planning your yearly... [read more]
Drawing a name from a hat is SOOO 2013.... congrats to our $500 Outer Banks... [read more]

OBX Oscars

The newest 2013 OBX OSCAR - from your friends at Southern Shores Realty! The... [read more]
The Good Life Eatery's Frying Pan Breakfast Filling up on a splendid breakfast... [read more]
The Mellow Dog Gallery, located in Manteo, North Carolina , has just recently... [read more]
Everything Beachy! Did you forget to pick up that little something special to... [read more]