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Outer Banks Property Management - Long Term Rentals

It's a fact, not all rental properties belong in a weekly vacation program. Many are more suited to longterm, or yearly rentals. With the continued growth and changes on the Outer Banks, the need for year round housing has become critical to the area. Southern Shores Realty is committed to filling that need by representing selected homes and providing the best customer service on the beach. At the same time, we strive to earn owners the greatest return on their investment.

When you employ Southern Shores Realty to manage your home in our long-term rental program, we provide the following:


  • Internet advertising
  • Weekly newspaper advertising
  • Property showings to prospective tenants

Tenant Screening

  • Substantiate employment
  • Evaluate credit
  • Verify references

Property Inspections

  • Inspect & photograph premises before and after each tenant
  • Inspect at Owner's request Security Checks
  • When vacant, houses are checked twice monthly for security

Collection Services

  • Collect monthly rent
  • Collect payments for utilities remaining in owner's name
  • Perform collection service for any past due amounts

Accounting Services

  • Disburse rent to owner
  • Pay any utilities which remain in owner's name
  • Pay contractors' invoices (Only contractors who carry Workman's Compensation and Liability Insurance)
  • Perform periodic audits of Owner and Tenant accounts

Maintenance and Housekeeping Services

  • Troubleshoot & confirm maintenance issues
  • Routine maintenance work at minimal cost with itemized invoices
  • Coordinate maintenance work with contractors & verify invoices
  • Arrange cleaning service between old/new tenants

Contact our Long Term Rental
Manager to see if our long term program
is right for your property

(800) 334-1000

Katie Gilreath ext. 506