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Apr 08, 2013
By Robert Kissell
I wanted to start a new video series depicting REAL moments from my Outer Banks vacationing experiences. I hope you all enjoy the first edition: "Crossing the Bridge." For us, as children, this always marked the beginning of our magical week away at the beach. Enjoy the comical and TRUE events - stay tuned for the next edition and more by SUBSCRIBING to our YouTube channel ! -Bob[read more]
Feb 13, 2012
By alexg
Everything Beachy! Did you forget to pick up that little something special to remember the Outer Banks by? You had so much fun, and now your thinking shoot, I am already across the Wright Brother Memorial Bridge. What am I going to do? Don't worry, Beach Bums, located in Currituck, North Carolina , has you covered! As our next OSCAR, we recommend you stopping in at this specialty shop whether you forgot something or not. This incomparable beach boutique, and art gallery is the perfect choice for unique, and exquisite art , jewelry , cottage décor , and gifts on the mainland. Beach Bums is a...[read more]
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