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Jul 29, 2014
By Robert Kissell
22 Questions that will determine HOW CRAZY YOU ARE about OUTER BANKS VACATIONS![read more]
Jan 08, 2014
By Robert Kissell
In a world growing increasingly mobile, Southern Shores Realty, a family owned vacation rental business is turning up the dial on convenience. It's no surprise. Many of you reading this right now may very well be on a mobile device accessing the Internet. Since the early 2000s, mobile Internet usage and adoption as a point of purchase has been growing exponentially. Notably in the hotel industry, many corporations and online listing hubs have already adapted to this culture change. Now Southern Shores Realty joins in, leaving other vacation rental companies in the rear view mirror. Southern...[read more]
Mar 26, 2012
By alexg
Happy Monday Morning! Here is your daily view of the Outer Banks from Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina . Today's weather consist of mild temperatures, a lot of wind, a chance of rain, and cloudy skies. It's about 56 degrees right now, but we have a high of 66! The winds are gusting around 15 knots creating a waist to chest high swell out in the ocean. However, we have a good day to enjoy at the beach! See you soon, Southern Shores Realty Friend us on Facebook![read more]
Mar 16, 2012
By alexg
Marcie Warner, Southern Shores Realty's CPA, courteously celebrated her birthday yesterday with the entire office. For years now, she has prepared her infamous "Charlie Red Hots." A dish of bun, hotdog, and delicious chili! I'd share the chilli recipe with you; however, Marcie is claiming it's a secret. (So hopefully we can get it out of her, possibility sometime in the future!) Any who, we'd like to say Thanks to Marcie for being so generous on her very on 47th birthday. It was a tasty, fun afternoon! Happy Birthday, Marcie! Well, that's what's been going on around our office this week :)...[read more]
Mar 05, 2012
By alexg
The Mellow Dog Gallery, located in Manteo, North Carolina , has just recently opened it's doors to the public. If you have visited this unique area in the past, you know how amazing, delightful, creative, and inspiring the art can be. There is something special about this new, already popular, Manteo art gallery. Which is exactly why we have chosen it as our next OBX Oscar (we didn't want you to miss out.) Keep reading for some of our favorite details! While being viewed as a piece of artwork itself, the Mellow Dog Galley also compliments the art within it. New elements are added to the shop...[read more]
Feb 29, 2012
By alexg
Hello February 29th, we haven't seen you for some time now! Here on the Outer Banks we're celebrating Leap Year by jumping right into the life of vacations. Something we all have to agree on loving. Who doesn't enjoy a vacation by the shore, especially the shores of North Carolina. The beaches here are secluded, pristine, and absolutely stunning; however, that isn't the only thing that makes the shore of North Carolina so wonderful. Our guests, our vacationers, our travelers, and our tenants are what complete the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We wouldn't be able to enjoy such a place without...[read more]
Feb 22, 2012
By alexg
Sandy Run Park Hello, and good morning! We have a gorgeous winter day here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This has been one of the warmest winters in years, and we're fully taking advantage of it! Who wouldn't? For your Wednesday Around The Island we stopped at the Sandy Run Park , located off of The Woods Road in Kitty Hawk . Have you ever been? It's a great spot to launch a kayak, have a picnic, or just take a sunny stroll down the renovated boardwalk. Which wraps itself through the wooded area that is conveniently surround by large, beautiful ponds. Nothing takes my breath away more...[read more]
Feb 13, 2012
By alexg
Everything Beachy! Did you forget to pick up that little something special to remember the Outer Banks by? You had so much fun, and now your thinking shoot, I am already across the Wright Brother Memorial Bridge. What am I going to do? Don't worry, Beach Bums, located in Currituck, North Carolina , has you covered! As our next OSCAR, we recommend you stopping in at this specialty shop whether you forgot something or not. This incomparable beach boutique, and art gallery is the perfect choice for unique, and exquisite art , jewelry , cottage décor , and gifts on the mainland. Beach Bums is a...[read more]
Feb 01, 2012
By alexg
The Cape Hatteras National Seashore is widely known as one of the most gorgeous areas in North Carolina while being a popular destination for many of our Outer Banks guests. Most tend to make a day trip out of driving down Highway 12 to Hatteras for a fun and different style of driving, fishing excursions, and lighthouse climbing. It's one of the prettiest areas around, and is about a 2.5 hour drive from South Nags Head. Not too shabby considering several families make the drive. The NPS ( National Park Service ) has developed an ORV ( off road vehicle ) management plan, and special...[read more]
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