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Currituck Mainland, NC

The Currituck Mainland begins at the west side of the Wright Brothers Memorial Bridge and continues all the way up to the North Carolina/Virginia border.

If you have ever stayed in an Outer Banks Vacation Rental before, chances are you have travelled through this unique area and have experienced the beautiful scenery of fields and its unique southern charm. Life on the mainland is a bit slower than the popular Currituck, however, you can cherish this land as much as the Outer Banks. Without it, there would be no way into our heavenly vacation destination.

Its rich tradition of farming is still very active to this day. You will come across many fresh produce markets with freshly picked fruits and vegetables to bring to your Outer Banks Vacation Rental.

The Currituck Sound surrounds Currituck County, and is a lively habitat for birds during the fall. Thousands of waterfowl tend to land here to feed after their flights from the north. This is what we call a birder's paradise.

The Currituck Sound is also a great location for watersports with its shallow, flat waters. Novice kayakers can take advantage to learn how to paddle while enjoying the scenery. More experienced kayakers can enjoy adventuring through the many areas of marsh, canals and islands.

No matter where your Outer Banks Vacation Rental is located, the Currituck mainland is nearby and a great destination to visit during your vacation.