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Beach Tips for Pets

When you are planning to bring your pet to enjoy your Outer Banks vacation with you, you need to prepare and pack for him or her, just as you would for your other children.You'll want to ensure that your doggie has everything necessary to have a safe, fun, relaxing and fun vacation - after all - it's tough to live a dog's life! When you bring your dog to the beach, here are some tips to remember:

  1. Bring drinking water, and a bowl. Do not forget to bring fresh drinking water for your pet, and for yourself. It gets hot out on the beach, and even though your dog may enjoy drinking up the ocean it does contain salt. So beware of the amount they intake for it may cause an upset stomach if they drink too much of it.
  2. Provide Shade. You need to have a shaded area available to your pet for their convenience.
  3. Have Extra Towels. Some days the sand tends to get unbearably hot, even for humans, and it may burn the paws. Keep a towel close that is big enough for the both of you.
  4. Don't Forget Toys. Bring along some of your pet’s toys for them to enjoy in the new area, floatable ones if possible! These will encourage playing in the surf, and will definitely excite them!
  5. Pack a First Aid Kit. You never know what may be in the sand or surf that is not viewable. Pack a first aid kit to use just in case.
  6. Pack Plenty of Treats. What animal does not love treats! SSR suggests bringing along lots of treats for your pet to enjoy.
  7. Bring and Use a Scooper & Bag. YES, it is the law! Do not forget these items so that you can pick up after your pet!
  8. Bring a Leash. Each area has different rules obtaining to dogs on the beach. Review the leash laws before bringing your pet to the beach. Although, you should bring your dog leash even if your dog is well trained. Review and Abide By Leash Laws