2013 Wedding Shows, Expos, & Tips

December 11, 2012

Outer Banks Wedding Association


The wedding expo hosted by the Outer Banks Wedding Association is by far the best and biggest on the beach.  You’ll see more of what the Outer Banks has to offer here over any other place.

Saturday, January 19th from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM.
Sunday, January 20th from 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM.
Tickets online are $20. At the door they are $25. Tickets give you access to both days.

Visit the Outer Banks Wedding Association‘s expo page for further updates.


OBXBrides.com’s wedding expo is hosted at the Sanderling and takes place on April 27th.  It is usually a much smaller wedding show, but still worth attending. Details are not yet revealed, but you can follow updates on their wedding expo page.

Wedding Expo Planning Tips

  1. Know what is important to you before you come.
  2. Bring someone with you who shares your passion for your wedding and they understand what you’re looking for.  Encountering over 200 vendors can be daunting.  Having someone there to help you sort through the details can save you time and help you focus your energy.
  3. Research your vendors before you arrive.  Don’t expect to figure out which wedding photographer you want at the expo because there will be too many to sort through.  Know ahead of time at least your top 5 and research the facts on them.
  4. Schedule meetings, tastings, fittings, etc. with the vendors that have caught your eye.
  5. After you have spoken with everyone you planned on speaking with then take time to explore, especially if after visiting your top picks you still haven’t found the one you love.  Use the vendors you do plan on hiring for advice of who you should speak to next.  Also, if you spot other vendors that grab your attention hang on to their business card so you can do more research on them. Don’t hang on to everyone’s business card because you won’t remember which grabbed your attention and which ones did not.
  6. Be prepared to take notes.  You’ll learn more about a vendor from a face to face conversation than you would from their website.
  7. Bring a credit card or check book.  A lot of vendors offer specials for booking them at the expo, which requires a deposit.  Don’t miss out!
  8. Expect good vendors to interview you as much as you are interviewing them.  This means a lot of lengthy conversations.
  9. If you came wanting to get ideas for your wedding be sure to bring a camera with you.
  10. Lastly, you may be approached at some shows by people walking around passing out their business cards in a subtle manner. You may be handed a flyer or card by someone standing outside the venue. You may have a bridal show “special” on your windshield when you get back to your car. All of these people have skirted the rules and requirements for participating as an official vendor of the show. In most cases, they may be unlicensed or out to make a quick buck. Be cautious about these.