5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes: OBX Edition

October 30, 2017

Would you describe yourself as a procrastinator? Have you just been too busy lately? Completely forgot that Halloween is tomorrow? Don’t worry because we have five OBX-inspired costumes that you can (probably) make last minute. The Outer Banks is rich in history and has had several famous residents, so finding an OBX-inspired costume is easy. Staying in an Outer Banks vacation rental during Halloween can be just as fun as at home. Read below for our top five last-minute Halloween costumes:


If you didn’t know, the British pirate spent much of his time on the Outer Banks in the 1700s and was eventually killed on Ocracoke. Looting pirates, hidden treasure, and a possible pirate ghost is a perfect combination for a spooky Halloween costume. This costume can easily be pulled together last minute—a long black overcoat, black top and pants, a red sash around your waist, and a fake sword are all you need to emulate one of the most infamous pirates.

Roanoke Settler

If you haven’t seen The Lost Colony’s rendition of what happened to the Roanoke settlers, then you’re seriously missing out on the perfect inspiration for a hauntingly-good Halloween costume. We don’t want to give too many details away but let’s just say that seeing theories of what happened that year actually acted out on stage brings a whole new life to this infamous historical area. This costume might be a bit more complicated to pull off but if you can do it, you’ll definitely win the costume contest.


The classic Outer Banks hero, the lifeguard. Most of us can probably think of a time when a lifeguard either came to our rescue or we witnessed them in action on the beach. Creating your own Baywatch-worthy version of an Outer Banks lifeguard is easy. Don’t have a six pack? Just stencil one on! Pick up a red bathing suit from one of our local swimwear stores and you’re ready to go!


Since the Outer Banks is the birthplace of flight, a pilot costume is a perfect idea for an Outer Banks-inspired Halloween! You can find pilot costumes in most party stores, although if you want to take this costume to the next level, try recreating Orville and Wilbur’s looks from their famous 1903 flight in Kitty Hawk.

Corolla Pony

For the truly last minute costume, try going as a wild pony from Corolla. These iconic fixtures of Outer Banks life are perfect for your Halloween costume. Simply use face paint or wear a horse head mask to channel your inner wild pony. To take this costume to the next level, grab one of your friends and make them be the back two legs of a classic two-person horse costume.