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Autumn on the Atlantic Coast

The Outer Banks is a popular summer vacation getaway for hundreds of thousands who would like to enjoy some summertime sunshine. Our tourist season starts to pitter out as the summer winds down, but one thing we don’t understand, is why. The great weather lingers for a couple more months, and there’s plenty to do! Fall[Read More…]


Situated on the breathtaking oceanfront of Southern Shores, North Carolina lies a gem of a vacation home. This Southern Shores Realty rental has been completely updated by the homeowners for the 2020 season. They did a beautiful job with this remodel, and we’re happy to share it with you all! To view more details, and[Read More…]

World Oceans Day 2020

Happy World Oceans Day 2020! We are so fortunate to live on this beautiful blue planet. Did you know that the ocean comprises 70% of the Earth’s surface? That’s a pretty big deal! On the Outer Banks we are surrounded by big blue and we couldn’t love our ocean more! World Oceans Day is a day[Read More…]

The Skyco House

Visit 1335 The Skyco House on our website. Published on 6/3/20 by Kelly Knutson

Beyond the Beach

The Outer Banks is most loved for its beautiful sand-swept beaches, whimsical beach shops, and fishing opportunities. Off the beaten path, there lies untouched adventure. Our ancient maritime forests are home to shady trails, lush greenery, and interesting wildlife. It’s easy to get away from it all, take some time for oneself (or bring the[Read More…]

Happy & Healthy Outer Banks

If one were to survey the population on what their “happy place” is, we’d be willing to bet most of them would say “the beach”. We all love it! I mean, it’s hard not to! The abundance of nature and wildlife that surrounds the ocean is truly amazing.  As beachgoers, how can we ensure our[Read More…]

OBX Eats OPEN for Business

Visiting or living on the Outer Banks? Getting tired of coming up with dinner ideas? Well, we’re here to share a list of restaurants available. Of course, dine-in will not be offered, but these restaurants are happy to provide a delicious & nutritious meal from the comfort and safety of your private home. All businesses[Read More…]

Kayaking on the Banks

Being surrounded by the water, our little sandbar is jam packed with opportunity for activity. While we are known for our oceanfront, there are beautiful beaches and waterways to be explored in addition to the shore. Kayaking is a great way to experience these calmer waters. It’s a great way to find new areas and[Read More…]

Golfing in “Par”adise

Picture this: you’re on the beautiful Outer Banks, and you awake to the sunrise over the ocean. You’re gearing up early in the morning, so you and your crew can get a peaceful round of golf in before a sunny day at the beach. We can assure you, there’s nothing better than sinking a put[Read More…]

Spring has Sprung for the Corolla Wild Horses

Spring is here, and with that brings some pretty amazing things; bird migrations, softshell crab season, blooming Dogwood, surf swells, and, most adorable of all: wild horse foaling! ‘Tis the season for the fuzzy, lanky and heart melting baby horses. Foaling is the season of birth in our wild herd and it’s a reminder of[Read More…]

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