Beaching those Dog Day Afternoons Away with Your Furry Friends

May 18, 2017

Whether it’s their paws in the sand, a little doggie paddle or just quality time with the family, dogs love vacationing on the OBX as much as people do. We certainly understand that pets are a part of the family, which is why Southern Shores Realty offers options for treating your dog to a little R&R, with over 100 dog-friendly vacation rentals.

If you are bringing Spot, Fido, Max (or perhaps a more uniquely named pup!) on vacation, you’ll need to know the various leash laws of Dare County. Each town allows dogs on the beach year-round, with varying regulations:

Town of Corolla: Dogs are allowed on the beach year round as long as they are leashed.

Town of Duck: Dogs can play unleashed on the town’s beach under the watchful eye of a guardian.

Southern Shores: Leashed dogs are permitted on the beach year round. From May 15 to September 15, dogs are allowed only between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m.

Kitty Hawk:  During much of the year, dogs must be restrained on a leash retractable to 12 feet.  Dogs may be taken off the leash only if they will not disturb others, can be controlled by the handler who must remain within 30 feet of the dog at all times.  The owner/handler must have a leash available at all times. From the Friday before Memorial Day until the day after Labor Day between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. dogs must be on a leash not exceeding 6 feet.

Kill Devil Hills: During much of the year, dogs restrained on a leash are permitted on the beach. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day of each year, no dogs are permitted on the beach between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., with the exception of a service animal.

Nags Head: Dogs are allowed on the beach year round as long as they are leashed.

All beaches require you to pick up after your dog. Handlers should use a bag and dispose of waste properly. Do not bury pet waste in the sand or throw it into the ocean. Also, be sure to check the signs posted at the beaches for the most up-to-date regulations.

Other things to keep in mind: It can get awfully hot out there! Avoid taking your dog to the beach during the high heat of the day to prevent heat stroke and burned paws from the hot sand.  Be sure to keep your dog hydrated and happy. Also, make sure your dog’s ID is up-to-date, as many dogs get lost while traveling to new and unfamiliar territories.

Enjoy living it up with your pup on these beautiful Outer Banks beaches! And if you are still looking for an Outer Banks vacation rental that is pet-friendly, we do have plenty you can choose from.