Hurricane Sandy Outer Banks Beach Report, Nov. 2nd

Below is a video update on Hurricane Sandy and the damage that was done to the Outer Banks.  The majority of highway 12 from Kitty Hawk to Nags Head suffered a lot of damage.

Hurricane Sandy Update October 29, 2012

Good morning everyone, Southern Shores Realty offices are currently open and below is a video update on Hurricane Sandy that is currently offshore.  The majority of highway 12 from Kitty Hawk to Nags Head is reportedly under tidal wash and flooded conditions.  We strongly advise avoiding these areas at all cost and remaining indoors.  Soundside flooding is expected as water levels will surge as Hurricane Sandy moves North and winds begin to come from a Westerly direction.  For more information please visit Dare County’s Emergency website.

Before, During, and After Hurricane Irene on the Outer Banks

I have put together this short video for easier viewing of Hurricane Irene on the Outer Banks. Keep in mind that sadly there are still many, many families who are still in desperate need for help. Hatteras Island was completely demolished by the storm including highway 12, leaving it almost impossible to deliver food and water to the island. Thanks again for your interaction this weekend! Enjoy this video from Southern Shores Realty with your Outer Banks Current.


Hurricane Irene Update for Monday, August 29

The latest update for the Outer Banks of North Carolina. First of all, we appreciate all of your patience with Southern Shores Realty. Karen, our marketing manager, worked extremely hard throughout the storm to keep you all informed on Hurricane Irene. Thankfully, the OBX was not demolished. We understand that frustration is starting to rise, but please work with us, and know we are doing everything we can to get you into your rental property at the moment. If you haven’t heard: Re-entry to the Outer Banks for visitors. . .  Thank goodness, certain portions of the Outer Banks are now accessible! The areas include Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and Nags Head. The Wright Memorial Bridge is now opened up to the public.

  • The Town of Duck will open to guests tomorrow at 10 a.m.
  • There is still no word on Corolla. Hoping for an update later this afternoon.
  • Hatteras Island is still under major flooding conditions, and will not be accessible by anyone until further notice.

Southern Shores Realty has begun to check people into their rental properties, as of this morning! Please be patient, and know that we are working extremely hard to get you into your Outer Banks Vacation Rental. If you have any questions regarding your check-in, please give our office a call @ 800-334-1000. Travel Safe Southern Shores Realty’s guests. We will see you soon!

In The Event Of A Hurricane . . .

Before the Storm:

  • Keep radios tuned to local stations for weather advisories: 95.3 FM, 99.1 FM, 102.5 FM, 104.1 FM.
  • Watch the weather channel (16 or 63) or local stations: CBS 3, NBC 10, ABC 13.
  • Be prepared to leave the area in the event a Mandatory Evacuation is ordered.
  • Fill your car with gas.

Evacuation Procedures:

  • Please stay calm. . . You will have time to safely evacuate unless you wait until the last minute.
  • Gather all personal possessions! In the event there is damage to the area, re-entry will not be permitted to gather any forgotten items.
  • Remove all food from the refrigerator and take it with you. In the event of a power outage food will spoil and possibly ruin the refrigerator. Trash service may also be interrupted and food left behind in outdoor trash receptacles will not be picked up for an extended period of time.
  • Secure trash containers and grills in outside shower, carport or garage.
  • Secure deck furniture and other loose items in house or garage.
  • Turn off Air-conditioning, unplug, TV, VCR, Stereo and computer equipment.
  • Lock all windows and doors, close blinds or shades.
  • Return keys to our office before leaving the area. If office is closed, drop keys in our outside key drop box. If you are in a Keyless Entry home please call our office to let us know you are departing or call 800-566-7144 from the phone provided in the rental property and press 2 to check-out.
For those guests who have purchased Travel Insurance: In order to qualify for a refund, rental keys must be returned to the Southern Shores Realty office upon departure to serve as proof of your evacuation date. For homes with keyless entry, either a call to our office or to our automatic check-out system will suffice.

After The Storm Has Passed:

The beginning and ending dates of a mandatory evacuation are determined by the Emergency Management Control Group. To ensure the health and safety of your family, we strongly urge you to comply with all mandatory evacuations issued and return to the area only after you have verified that the evacuation has officially been lifted and your vacation home will be habitable upon your return. Check our website for the most current re-entry information or call the numbers listed below for Dare or Currituck County. Once the mandatory evacuation has been lifted, our available staff will begin assessing the condition of vacation homes. Our website will be updated as frequently as possible with applicable information. The expediency and accuracy of such communications are dependent upon the assumption that the mandatory evacuation has been lifted and our office, software and electrical systems are still intact. The availability of staff is dependent on their safety and availability in the wake of the hurricane. If possible, it is recommended that you check with our office staff before you begin your trip to the Outer Banks. If you are notified that the home you evacuated or are checking into is deemed accessible and habitable, and the mandatory evacuation has been lifted, you are welcome to occupy the home for the remainder of your scheduled stay. However, be aware you will be entering an area that has just suffered a natural disaster. Although the home may be deemed habitable, it is likely to have some minor exterior damage. Amenities such as pools, hot tubs and beach walkways may require service and/or repair that we cannot guarantee will occur during your stay. Severe beach erosion may have occurred in some locations, creating drop-offs from the top of the dune to the beach. These drop-offs are unstable and extremely dangerous. Advisories against swimming in the ocean may be likely due to the possibility of debris, bacteria, gasoline, oil runoff and other contaminants. No refunds will be issued for such inconveniences occurring as a result of a hurricane. Your cooperation and patience is requested until things return to normal.

**IMPORTANT NUMBERS: Southern Shores Realty (252) 261-2000 or (800) 334-1000 Dare County Sheriff’s Office (252) 473-3481 Dare County Re-entry Information (252) 475-5655 Currituck County Re-entry information (252) 232-2115