Yellowhouse Art Gallery | OBX OSCARS | Outer Banks Art

The newest 2013 OBX OSCAR – from your friends at Southern Shores Realty! The Yellowhouse Art Gallery is a staple of the art scene on the Outer Banks. Located in Nags Head, owner/operator Eve Turek walks us through a fantastic presentation of the gallery!  The Yellowhouse Gallery is world class gallery operated by a couple with a true passion for both artistic expression and the Outer Banks!

Lighthouse Bagels| OBX OSCARS

lighthouse-bagels-breakfast2-300x150_2Get ready to taste the best prepared bagel on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. If you have begun your 2012 vacation countdown, you are going to want to put Corolla right into your mix of excitement! This is where you will find the tastiest bagels on the beach, and your next OBX OSCAR of course. Lighthouse Bagels, owned and operated by the Dietrich Family since 2001, is your top choice for breakfast in the little secluded town of Corolla. They are all about bagels, donuts (made fresh on premises), and delicious sandwiches. There isn’t much in this beautifully secluded area of the Outer Banks, but there sure is delicious fresh prepared bagels every single morning. The Dietrich family, and ‘bagel boys’ get up at the break of dawn to make real NY/NJ kettle baked bagels with you in mind. (We can’t get enough of this.)

lighthouse-bagels-family-owned-new1-300x150_2The best part of Lighthouse Bagels is that they prepare them from scratch (starting from water and flour), and oh boy can you tell just by looking at one! Talk about mouthwatering… They use a high Gluten Flour, and add their own special ingredients to improve the texture, and taste of the bagels. Watch the video below to discover the morning routine of cooking bagels before the sun comes up, the locals quickly rush in, and visitors from all over visit for a taste of home while vacationing on the Outer Banks. Out of the 16 different types of bagels, the French Toast is the most popular. It’s especially great with the little beach bums out there. As for cream cheese, just choose your favorite flavor for they are all great tasting. As you plan your Outer Banks vacation for 2012, be sure to include Lighthouse Bagels on your agenda. Even if you are not staying at a rental located in Corolla, plan a day for fun at the Currituck Lighthouse, the Whalehead Club, or even a tour of the Spanish Wild Mustangs so that you can start your day off right with the Dietrich Family! View exactly how Lighthouse Bagels prepares each & every morning:

Wine Bar & Cafe at Coastal Provisions Market

Are you looking to spend a casual yet tasteful night out on the Outer Banks? Coastal Provisions Market, a respected sandwich shop located directly behind our rental office, has revolutionized their cutting edge wine shop into a peaceful Wine Bar & Cafe. (Perfect for an OBX OSCAR.) This unique restaurant experience on the Outer Banks of North Carolina is finished with a solitary style of service, and deliciousness. Need I say more? If you are headed to the Outer Banks, definitely plan a night to join us at Coastal Provisions for a complete night with one of a kind tapas, and tasteful wine. Dan Lewis, co-owner of Coastal Provisions and daily behind the deli worker, has revealed an in house favorite, and one of the most popular dishes of the season for me to share with you! The Duck Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops are among several unique tapas dishes that this restaurant has to offer, and deserves to be put on the spotlight for the entire world of OBX vacationers. It’s a must have; check out the preparation video below. Not only has there been beach buzz about how wonderful the Wine Bar & Cafe has been since its opening, but also about how yummy the Duck bacon was! After the bacon is prepared from the duck breast, it is then wrapped around a local fresh caught sea scallop; finalized by sauteing in a special pan with high heat. I just had to go see what all the fuss was about. From personal experience I can now say that it is nothing less than well-prepared, pleasing, appetizing, savory, and mouthwatering. All for $9.99! The Wine Bar & Cafe is open Thursdays through Saturdays beginning at 5 p.m. Gentlemen if you are looking for an inexpensive dinner for your significant other, this is the place to go on the Outer Banks. Ladies, are you looking for a girls night out? Coastal Provisions Wine Bar & Cafe is also perfect for that. The mood of the cafe is extremely calming with a soft mood, and dimmed lights. (It’s actually extremely cute inside.) 20 Elegant wines are offered with the best prices around, and the best part about the wine is that you can order a bottle at retail pricing! Reservations are recommended. (252.480.0023) We hope to see you behind the Southern Shores Realty office at Coastal Provisions soon. 1 Ocean Blvd. Southern Shores, NC 27949

JK’S Restaurant | OBX OSCARS

OBX OSCAR to JK’S Restaurant

spice1-199x300_2“You mean I can actually purchase your Signature Spice, full of delicious flavor, to bring back home with me? And in addition to this exciting news, you have even generously prepared a PDF format on your website, complete with great ideas for me to use my new Hot Iron Brand Spice with? I hope I am hearing this correctly, because I can’t wait to surprise my friends and family at home with this distinctive yet wonderful taste you have just introduced to my mouth!”

That’s right, our local JK’S Restaurant specializing in steaks and seafood have just received the very first Outer Banks Oscar from Southern Shores Realty for the outstanding job they do with pleasing every individual who comes through their door with the unique taste of their Signature Spice.

The spice has been used for decades in the kitchen of JK’S, and now you can take this subtle and versatile blend back home with you. To be correct, they have used the exact blend since 1984, consistently. Season a variety of grilled meats and/ or fish with either the Cowboy Blend Spice or the Zest Chipotle to create a guaranteed great dinner. Actually, with these hot iron blends you are capable of turning any dull dinner into something spectacular. Over the years, the cowboy blend has become a regional trade right here on the Outer Banks in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.

For the residents who can’t get enough of this home town spice, along with the vacationers who share this spice with friends and family across the country, say that it has become an essential in their cooking ‘secrets.’ As crazy as it is, people even put this stuff on their morning eggs! I guess what they say is true; once you try it, you can’t get enough of it! You may purchase the infamous signature spice of JK’S Restaurant in house, online, or in one of our local Harris Teeters grocery stores. The owners of this fine dining and live wood cookery will quickly ship the blends right to you if you simply can’t wait until the next time you are in town. Just head over to their website to place an order online, or if you would prefer to simply wait until your next stay in one of our Outer Banks vacation rentals, do so. Just don’t forget to stop in to this fine establishment which has the perfect comfort to it, to taste the great flavor of this seasoning.

The owners update recipes frequently on their website for your use, especially around the holidays. Be the next to create the taste of JK’S in a home kitchen!An extra about JK”S: Every Thursday night throughout the fall months, they service a burger night in the bar. They are to die for! If you happen to be here during the fall, head over to grab yourself one!