Posted on 3/12/2012

Duck Deli has two locations? | Outer Banks & PA

Located in New Britain, PA Duck Deli, an extremely popular lunch destination on the Outer Banks, will soon have renovations made to it's Outer Banks location. Most don't know, but there are actually two Duck Deli locations in the United States. (One being here on the Outer Banks while the other sits in New Britain, PA.) Last weekend I took a short trip to eastern Pennsylvania, and just. had. to. stop. in! Yes, it's the same with the same tasty Carolina BBQ inside. With it's sweet, southern Outer Banks charm as well, surprisingly. With the majority of our travelers coming from this area, I thought it was worthy enough for an interesting post to share. How many of you visit this restaurant frequently to just taste the OBX at home? What a perfect dose of the beach way up there! Duck, North Carolina Anyway, back to those renovations I mentioned at first. The Outer Banks Duck Deli is in demand for additional parking, and different seating arrangements. This deli is constantly slam packed throughout the entire summer, for they carry some of the tastiest BBQ on our beach. Plus, it's quick and easy with their Styrofoam kitchenware. With that being said, it's very hard to find parking at this restaurant, even with taking into account that a handful of customers walk to and from the deli. As of right now, customers pull in and out from Duck Road. Future plans show a parking lot behind the building with a one-way entrance to it. (How exciting!) Owners are looking forward to a new building with a larger kitchen, and additional parking; however, the restaurant will still seat on average of 44 inside. (It will just be enclosed, for it's usually too hot outside.) They would also like to use hard plates for breakfast. The knocking down and rebuilding of the restaurant will hopefully begin this fall. It's just a perfect spot for lunch in Duck, and most take advantage of the quick deliciousness at least once while on vacation. Note that Duck Deli is just another something to love about the Outer Banks! (For me, it's become a simple tradition to stop in from time to time for a taste of my home.) How about you? A stop for the savory taste of the beach?
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