How To Plan A Family Vacation On The Outer Banks

January 14, 2013


Planning a vacation can be overwhelming. Many considerations go into vacation planning: timing, budget, weather, activities, etc. By taking advantage of a few possible considerations, you increase your chances of having an enjoyable vacation and setting your mind at ease during the planning process. While this list is in no way comprehensive (this is the quick, easy to read guide), and might even include steps the average person may not take, it still will give you some steps to think about and hopefully make your vacation run smoother.

Great Family Vacation Tips

#1 Plan For The Trip.
Don’t just plan for what activities you’ll do once you arrive on the Outer Banks.  Be sure to plan for the long drive as well, especially if you have children.

#2 Plan Your Activities.
This may require some research and a few phone calls, but there is a lot to do here.  And be sure to mix it up: some historical, some scenic, some adventure, some fun, some shopping, etc. For a few of the attractions on the Outer Banks check out The Outer Banks Top 10 Attractions and our Vacation Planner.

#3 Take Advantage of Eating Out.
There is a huge advantage to being able to eat out and not having to clean up afterward; not to mention it also adds to the relaxation.  Also, there is a lot of local food on the Outer Banks that is amazing. For a some of the best MUST HAVE dishes on the Outer Banks check out The Outer Banks Top 10 Foods To Tryand our Vacation Planner.

#4 Stick To A Budget.
This is a big one.  Nothing stresses people out more than money and you don’t want your vacation to be stressful.  Start by doing some research on how much food and activities will cost.  You can save money by eating sandwiches and other low cost items and there are many free activities (spending time on the beach, visiting a lighthouse, play family games, etc.).

#5 Allow For Time To Relax.
Don’t come to the Outer Banks expecting to do everything; that’s just not possible. We don’t want you to get home from your vacation feeling like you need another vacation just to rest. Schedule in time to relax and rest. You will enjoy the trip more if you travel slowly, building down time into your itinerary. Once you have covered these bases it will be easier to decide what you should pack for your trip beyond the essentials.

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