The Irion Family’s 22nd Year On The OBX

July 16, 2011

North Carolina’s Outer Banks is a classic vacation destination for families to gather, with its comfortable atmosphere. The area is known for its relaxing beaches, its easy going communities, and how much visitors enjoy themselves! The Outer Banks remains one of the top ten vacation spots in the country, and is definitely a must see. Not only does the Outer Banks make a great destination for a family reunion, but it also has the ability to create a magnificent wedding that will surely take your breath away. Or if you are simply looking to get away from the everyday rush, and want a calm romantic getaway, the Outer Banks is the perfect spot to do so. Kathleen Irion has been bringing her family to the Outer Banks for quite a few years. Yesterday, they put a halt to their beach fun for a family portrait in Southern Shores, NC. In fact, this is the Irion families 22nd summer coming to the Outer Banks for their annual family reunion, with Southern Shores Realty.

“It started back 22 years ago when my husband and I came to the Outer Banks to visit some friends. It has turned into a magical summer tradition for the family” described Mrs. Irion. She has 6 children who, among them all, gave her 16 smiling grandchildren. It seems as if the Outer Banks was embedded into Mrs. Irion; she spoke with much awe as she watched her family play on the beach while awaiting local portrait and wedding photographer, Lori Douglas. The Irions like to keep their vacation as relaxing as possible with no worries, and lots of fun. They spend their days piling on the sun block, playing in the sand and swimming in the warm waters, every day that is. Instead of going out for dinner, each child of Kathleen’s has one night to cook so they can all come together after long beach days to eat. “It gives us the chance to laugh and share memories from prior years,, ” says Mrs. Irion “and keeps us close even though we all live in different parts of the country.” Mrs. Irion explained that there was nothing else that the family would rather do while vacationing here on the Outer Banks! Mrs. Irion’s family was a pleasure to be around.

Everyone matched in white shirts, and shared some John B sunglasses; they were a great group! Lori Douglas is a local photographer who enjoys capturing moments of Outer Bank’s visitors and did a wonderful job with the Irion family. Southern Shores Realty gives thanks to Mrs. Irion, and her family for sharing a little bit about their OBX yearly travel. We will see you next year Mrs. Irion, and Thank You! Sincerely, Your Friends at Southern Shores Realty!!