Outer Banks Beach Report May 31

May 31, 2013

Hey guys, welcome to summer! Well, actually, it’s still spring. But it feels incredible out here.  It’s starting to feel like summer.  All weekend long we’re talking about some great weather.

I’m Terry Moore with Southern Shores realty, bringing you our beach report, where we keep you up to date on all the good stuff that’s happening.  From weather, to events. . .all the good stuff. This weekend you can expect some high 70 degree weather. Some reports are even saying low 80’s.  And sunny!  Beautiful! It isn’t until Monday that we’re expecting some rain.  So enjoy this weekend while you can.

Also, you out there who enjoy surfing a lot, you’re going to need your longboard this weekend if you want to get in on the action.  And you should expect ridable waves only in the morning.  Surfers and swimmers alike there’s going to be some choppy water in the afternoons this weekend.  So if you want to get some swimming in, enjoy it in the morning.  The water will be a little rough in the afternoon.

Before we cut to some awesome beach footage we want to remind you of two events happening this weekend.

One is the Lost Colony outdoor drama, which is starting tonight.  Go get your tickets for that, check it out this weekend.  It’s a grea thing to experience and learn more about our history.  And it presented extremely well.

Also, tomorrow, we have Dare Day.  It’s over there in Manteo on the Waterfront.  They’ll have music, rides, crafts, all kinds of great things for children and adults alike.  Go and check that out and enjoy it.

And from us here at Southern Shores Realty, we hope you have a great weekend and we’ll see you soon.