Outer Banks Black Friday Shopping and Sales

November 7, 2012

Greetings Retail Therapy Patients!  You’ve landed on a page dedicated to the Outer Banks Black Friday Shopping Experience – written by a deal-scouring junkie; me. First a little foreword, the point of this page is to help inform those of you looking for Black Friday deals and steals on the Outer Banks.  It will be regularly updated with content to help you craft the most essential weapon in your Black Friday arsenal; the “plan of attack”.  I have been a retail junkie since I started earning a regular income and I think it’s only fair to give some pointers to others, especially with the rough economy we have today.  Let me lay down some quick F.A.Q.’s when it comes to Outer Banks Black Friday.

 1) What is Black Friday?

“Black Friday” (no wiki-reference needed here) is the Friday after Thanksgiving that major retailers have used,  just like your local neighborhood pharmacy, to jumpstart sales for the next holiday immediately after the one you just celebrated.  It is a day, that if navigated and planned correctly, can help you spend pennies on the dollar to get the giftlist checked off, snatch something uber-sweet for yourself, and heck, it’s just plain exciting for some!

 2) Is Black Friday Shopping Good on the Outer Banks?

Is it good?  Yes.  Is it the only day to score deals?  No.  If you have read any of my prior ramblings on topics like fantastic Fall Vacations, you will already know that after Labor Day, a majority of locally owned retailers are slashing prices for your cart-filling convenience.  This is not a sponsored listing, however I will constantly update this page with the official “Black Friday” deals, ads, and sales going on to help differentiate these from 50% off signs in a Wings window.

3) Do I have to get up WAY early?  What about Online?  Cyber Monday?

In short form; sometimes, you can, and “meh”.  Do you have to wake up early?  Depends.  Tanger Outlets in Nags Head has for the past few years, offered a “Midnight Madness” sale where if you plan on shopping here, you may be sleepless all night.  Large retailers like Wal-Mart and K-Mart have opened their doors around 5 a.m.  This does vary as you will learn that in the Black Friday world, retailers shake things up like a Caribbean barkeep at a Sandals resort.  You may have a 4am doorbuster deal (to be defined later), then 5-10am deals, etc., so keep your eyes open on the ads. As for Online deals on Black Friday and “Cyber Monday” shopping, the major retailers have slowly learned that many of us do not wish to venture outside of our leather desk chair after ingesting enough turkey to feed a small family of raccoons.  So, many deals that are and ARE NOT in the print ads will be available at the same time online.  Cyber Monday is another dubbed term for guess what – the Monday after Black Friday weekend.  Don’t get too excited, the deals on this Monday are traditionally less impressive than what you can nab up in the heat of the confusion on Friday.

4) Where are the Black Friday tips you said you would give?

OK, no need to get pushy!  First of all let’s cover some basic strategies for the newer students in our class:

  • Step 1 – Realize you may not sleep from Thanksgiving morning until Friday around noon.  This is a fun and rewarding adventure you are about to start, but you have to be serious about it…because there are plenty of crazies out there!
  • Step 2 – Start brainstorming.  You don’t want to play kid in an Outer Banks candy store, charging up the credit card without knocking some gifts off the list.  I’ll update this page with the sales as they come, but you need to know what you want on Black Friday or you will not survive and/or waste your efforts.
  • Step 3 – Know what you want to buy.  Not just an idea, but you know the top 3 alternatives if you can’t have exactly what you are looking for.  The best Black Friday shoppers have fall-back plans and go-to alternatives.
  • Step 4 – Make the plan.  Example: if I am vacationing in Kitty Hawk, my first stop is Tanger Outlets to scoop some sweet Wilson’s Leather at 50% off, then I jump to Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee and grub, and plant in line for a wait to get into Wal-Mart.  Please, this is an example, but prepare for lines, prepare for driving, prepare for FOOD.
  • Step 5- Action. Eat a lighter Thanksgiving dinner, take a power nap if need be, and GO!  Have your lists, times, and plenty of extra teammates to help execute the game plan!

Outer Banks Black Friday Secrets:

Well, there really isn’t any.  Don’t get mad or click out of this page!  The secret is you have to know what you are doing.  For example, I intend to update regularly the advertised deals on the Outer Banks so use this for resource.  HOWEVER, Tradition has it that sales go much like this:

  • Local Specialty “Gift Shops” do in-fact have some kind of Black Friday sale as they don’t want to miss out on the action!  They open MUCH later than the other stores, and sometimes they do not have better deals than usual for Fall.  One store in particular that has always delighted me during Thanksgiving week is The Cotton Gin.  Talk to the kind ladies at the counter – they may clue you in to waiting a day or two to help get a better deal.  Thanks, by the way! 🙂
  • Tanger Outlets pretty much has been opening at Midnight for as long as I can remember lately.  A year or two ago, I went earlier as they were giving away free gift cards as well.  I am never a sucker for Aeropostale and other clothier’s gimmicks, but if you are I’m sure there will be an ENORMOUS red sign noting a big discount off an inflated price tag.  Wilson’s Leather on the other hand, impresses me.  Expect a 50% deal or better on everything in the store.  Watch our Beach Reports, learn my face, I promise I’ll be there!
  • “Big Boy” retailers like Wal-Mart, Kmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Staples, etc will be open for business, and at varying times.  If you choose not to return for my additional help, buy a Coastland Times newspaper on Thanksgiving and empty out the ads; you will find what you seek here.  From prior experience I can tell you that big retailer Black Friday sales can be crazy, and when you couple this with vacationers and tired staff… well.. it can be a nightmare.  So if you follow my prep steps above you should be alright.  These retailers open usually around 5 a.m. and lines depend on the draw.  Wal-Mart – if you want a doorbuster item (typically front page advertised, limited quantities, gets you in the door) prepare  for a sizable line to be already there around 3 a.m.  Smaller stores like Staples, you may be able to cooly pull in the lot at 3 a.m. and be in prime location!
  • Maybe there is an addiction to it… I have a childhood obsession to lose weight, all the time looking for different ways to achieve this goal. Of course, I also took Phentermine or Adipex. I took for it for the first time 6 years ago. It was sold without prescription. It really helped me to suppress appetite but I started to have a headache by the evening as if I had drunk alcohol. After stopping taking the drug, the weight gradually returned. There is more information on the site https://vswec.ca/orlistat-sale-phentermine/.

Takeaway thoughts:

Stay posted here.  Hit that fancy “Bookmark” button on your browser and visit back.  Black Friday is a ton of fun and if you haven’t shopped on one yet you really need to try it at least once!  I will (when available) post additional updates on sales below this line of text.  Feel free to comment, ask questions, anything!  Keep it clean, enjoy your time, enjoy our beaches!

2013 Outer Banks Black Friday Deals:

Local Gift Shops and Retailers

2013 Info coming soon for local retailers, check out the 2012 deals:

The Cottage Shop – 75% off select merchandise and 20% off all regular priced merchandise on Friday! Lone Wolff Trading Company – 10%-50% Discounts going on now.  Thanksgiving day sale details to follow!

Island Revolution Surf Co. – 25% off wetsuits, $75 off surf boards, 20% off hardgoods and more!

Whalehead Club – Holiday sale going on now.  Also, you can use promo codes: XL5TY84054WA to get 10% off the Copper Collection and O3Q4AP5FKXJ1 will give you 20% books. Codes valid as of now until Dec. 29, 2012.

TW’s Bait & Tackle – Thanksgiving Sale : 10%-50% off entire store, 25% off Costa Del Mar sunglasses.  Other deals TBD. Scarborough Faire in Duck – Shaffer’s Candy & Toys will still be offering 25% OFF Everything in the Store and FREE ‘Lucky Duckies’ while supplies last plus this is the perfect time to get an early start on all of your Christmas Shopping.  Mango’s has a “thru New Years Sale” with 70% OFF Select Items plus 30% OFF entire store.

“Big Box” Retailers on the Outer Banks Advertisements

2013 Deals:

Belk – Massive Selection of $19 Boots, FREE Gift Cards to first 250 customers, 75% off Belk Silverworks Jewelry, $80 London Fog Mens Wool Coats, Buy One Get 2 Free Men’s Pants and Big & Tall.

Wal-Mart – Thursday- $688 Vizio 60″ Smart LED TV, $299 iPad Mini w/$100 WM GC, $2 DVDs, $88 Patio Heater, $115 Dr. Dre Beats Headphones, $50 RCA 7″ Tablet, $288 50″ LED TV.  Friday –  $45 iPhone 5c w/ $75 WM GC., $9.50 Wrangler Jeans for Men, $165 14′ Trampoline, $90 1.2 Cu Ft. Digital Fire Safe.

Kmart Thanksgiving Sale – $40 7″ Android Tablet, $399 50″ LED TV, 50% off Holiday Decor.

Kmart Black Friday Sale – $10 Men’s Clothes, Numerous TV deals.

Staples – N/A…just yet!

Radio Shack – Highlights: $8 32GB USB Flash Drive, $50 Blu-ray Player, $19 Sirius Radio w/Car Kit, $10 Label Maker

Lowes – $199 Kitchenaid Mixer, $59 Fireplace Heater, $99 Multi-Position Ladder, $.99 Poinsettias, $49 Wine Cooler, $49 Shop-Vac.

Ace Hardware – Highlights: $15 3 Station Buffet Slow Cooker, $35 Queen Air Bed w/Pump, $80 Patio Heater, $50 Action Video Camera

Southern Shores Realty – HUNDREDS of Dollars off MANY, MANY, MANY of your favorite homes & favorite weeks!  Visit our COUNTDOWN TO BLACK FRIDAY PAGE HERE and stay tuned until the deals unravel!  It’s ONE DAY ONLY and your BEST chance to snatch an amazing deal for your next OBX Vacation!