Posted on 10/3/2011

The Outer Banks Board Game

The Outer Banks Vacation Game There is a new game in town! A new board game that is. Ben Murry, an Outer Banks resident since 1991, has brought a new meaning to OBX souvenirs for our guests.The "Outer Banks Vacation Game" has just recently been released to over 170 stores from the infamous Border Station in Moyock to the Ocracoke variety store. It's a game of fun for anyone interested in the Outer Banks and a well-developed guide to all the treasures and gems hidden throughout these amazing barrier islands which shouldn't be overlooked by our guests. Because exploring is what a vacation is all about right? Well, along with sunny days on the beach. Some people even think this new Outer Banks Vacation Game has the potential to be as popular as the oval bumper stickers sporting the Outer Banks across the nation. Not only does the board game bring back fun memories of your past vacations, but it also reveals new exciting adventures for the next time you visit the area. It's a buy that keeps on giving, in my opinion. Another replica of Monopoly? No. The best thing about this new board game that is representing a highly popular vacation spot is that it is NOT another silly monopoly-like board game. It's actually quite interesting, seems very fun, and Murry's objective will definitely play out... giving those planning to visit the Outer Banks a fun easy guide to their stay. The game goes like this... you have five days to fill with exciting things to do on the Outer Banks. So what exactly will you do? This board game takes you along the Outer Banks, setting you back as board games usually do, giving you opportunities to gain fun points while following an average Outer Banks vacation schedule. It doesn't take all day to play, and amazingly it gets you right back into beach mode with outstanding Outer Banks photography laid out across the board. Really, it's like starting your Outer Banks vacation early! If you can't wait until your next vacation to buy the Outer Banks vacation game, you can purchase it online here. ENJOY :) Southern Shores Realty.
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