Posted on 8/20/2014

5 Romantic Beach Proposal Ideas

So you're thinking about proposing at the beach, who can blame you? It's one of the most beautiful settings and a place where so many couples have spent countless romantic times together. If you're in a little bit of a rut for creative ways to propose on the beach, I've got a couple for you. They range in degrees of difficulty, complexity, and originality, but nonetheless they should give you inspiration for a romantic beach proposal that will never be forgotten!
Sunrise at the Beach Proposal
Depending on what beach you are at, the sun may be rising or setting over the ocean... but here on the Outer Banks, there is no finer scene on the beach than the morning sunrise peeking over the Atlantic Ocean. Surprise your special someone with a romantic beach proposal during the sun's first kisses of the morning. You could start things off with a cup of coffee on the deck, or head straight to the beach for a stroll.There are fewer people up when the sun is rising and this makes for a more secluded and private moment for the both of you. Rehearse your thoughts the night before and eat a little bit of food before you head out to ease your nerves. Doing this proposal in the morning will keep you from being anxious all day and you can spend more time celebrating!
Airplane Banner Message Aerial Proposal
Dozens of airplanes fly over the beaches everyday in the summer; most of which carry some sort of advertising banner. How cool would it be for one of the messages to be made specifically for the love of your life? The time and location of the flyby would be coordinated by you and the advertisers, and the two of you could be splashing around in the waves or relaxing the day away in a beach chair. She'll be so caught off guard by the text on the banner that the first thing she sees when she looks back down is you and a shiny token of your forever love proposal.Don't be afraid to get creative! Use her special nickname or see if they can run images along with your text. The whole beach will be buzzing about how awesome your proposal was. Free drinks are on the way! This is also one of the better ideas if you'd like family/friends around, as well as someone to photograph the moment.
Hidden Ring Proposal
Feeling gutsy? Why not hide the engagement ring under a really neat shell on the beach? The two of you can go on a romantic walk on the oceanside, perusing the sand and wash for treasures. Little will she know that the shell she can't resist contains a ring from the person she can't resist! You could also just use messaging on an object for her to find as well. This way you can keep the ring with you and present it traditionally. Make sure your target is noticeable! Don't go too over the top where it's obviously something out of its environment... but the perfect looking shell or large piece of seaglass would make irresistible targets and will guarantee to surprise! If you're thinking about placing it close to the wash, take a look at the tide charts and try to go about an hour before low tide. This way you're planning won't be swept right away and you'll still sweep her off her feet!
Beach Sand Writing Proposal
A classic! Imagine your sweetheart finding a proposal spelled out to her in the sand on the beach... oh the emotions that will pour out! You could try huge letters outside of your oceanfront vacation rental home so that the first thing she sees in the morning is your love, spelled out on the beach. You may need some assistance on this one and make sure to look at the tides and aim for a receding tide morning. You could also do a classic, smaller message that the two of you stumble upon on a walk. Bust out a piece of driftwood and use it to scribe out exactly what works best. There's nothing wrong with putting a BIG heart around it either! Early in the morning or late afternoon are your best times. Too late in the evening and unsuspecting beach goers could accidentally tramp on your creation. You could also try using some shells to decorate it in an effort for people (including your sweetie) not to miss it!
Message In a Bottle Proposal
This one worked for me fellas! For this message in a bottle proposal idea, you're going to need some authentic looking merchandise. Most gift shops at the beach may have some message in a bottle kits, but you should "go for the gold" and try an antique store first. Get authenticity points by using parchment paper or at the very least lightly burning the edges of the paper before writing on it. Do this with the edge of paper you're working on straight up, lightly burn then blow out, small inch-by-inch, and rotate and repeat till it's done. You can start beforehand by tearing bits off the four edges. Remember, she'll want to keep this bottle forever so take your time personalizing it all! Once you have your message set and corked inside you have a couple of ways to go about it. I made it so my wife found it on the beach while we were walking and she legitimately thought it was real! You should separate yourself temporarily from her to toss it or have someone place it on the beach beforehand for you. Again, early morning and late afternoon are probably best. This way no stranger ends up finding your bottle as well as the two of you will have a little more intimate setting.
Southern Shores Realty wants all of your vacations to be perfect... especially the one where you propose on the beach! We represent over 600 Outer Banks rentals spanning Corolla, NC to Nags Head, NC. That's plenty of places to profess your love to your lucky lady! The Outer Banks is one of the most beautiful places in the world... the most beautiful in my opinion. If you haven't considered it for your beach proposal you absolutely must. We have nearly 100 oceanfront obx rentals that would make for the perfect beach morning proposal, a selection of wonderful sound front rental homes for perfect sunsets all week, and hundreds of other rental homes that can be found using our advanced search. Thanks for taking the time to read this list of beach proposal ideas. It's not complete, but it's a great starter guide to get your creativity going. Feel free to drop us a line in the comments below or call us at 800.334.1000 for any questions you may have regarding beach weddings on the Outer Banks and our wedding rental homes. Don't forget to share this to someone in need!
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