What happens when you take bags full of swag to the beach in the summer?  Frisbees and dubstep and swagattack and awesomeness!  At Southern Shores Realty, we like fun!

After enjoying the sights and sounds of the #SwagAttack, why not browse for your next Outer Banks rental home?  We represent over 600 Outer Banks rentals on swag-attacked beaches from Corolla to Nags Head.  Trust the experts at Southern Shores Realty to make your Outer Banks vacations the best ever!


Pirate Putt Putt for Polio

pirate-putt-putt_0Coming to the Outer Banks in April and looking for a fun event to do with the kids? Well, Pirate Putt Putt for Polio is not only a fun event but it’s for a great cause. This is a world wide cause by Rotary International and all proceeds go to Rotary Polio Plus. The Manteo, North Banks, First Flight, and Kitty Hawk Rotary Clubs are responsible for putting this annual event together. Photo: Ascencion Photography.

The first event of the weekend begins Friday, April 25, 2014 where you can learn to talk, walk, and dance like a pirate. Outer Banks Irish Pirate, Captain Darby, will be teaching all the young scallywags the tricks of the trade. Be sure to not miss out on how to fly a pirate flag, pirate tales, and much more. Talk Like a Pirate Party will be held from 5-7PM at Pamlico Jack’s and will also offer a cash bar for the parents of all these pirates in training. Check out last years Learn to Talk like a Pirate Party!

screen-shot-2014-03-21-at-9-58-35-amOn Saturday, April 26th is when the fishing frenzy and putt putt tournament begins from 11AM-4PM. These events will be located at the Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf Course in Kill Devil Hills. The putt putt tournament is $8 per person. Two individuals will put together teams that will include players of all ages; parents, grandchildren, moms, dads etc. Educational information on Polio will be given at each hole, and a special prize will be given to those who remember a fact about polio.

The Fishing Frenzy will be around the moat surrounding the golf course. The cost is $5 per child and each child must be accompanied by an adult. Fishing tackle, rods, bait, and everything you need to fish will be provided for the kids. They will hold one hour sessions, and prizes will be given for the first fish caught, and the longest fish caught in every session. This is a great event to do with your children 12 years and under.

screen-shot-2014-03-21-at-10-00-58-amDuring the Fishing Frenzy and Putt Putt Tournament there will be entertainment by the Currituck High School Drama Club and also all kinds of food for sale. From burgers & chips, to hot dogs and chips, drinks, and individually priced baked goods. This is a great event for the whole family to participate in and enjoy. For more information please contact Gordon Kreplin.

Contact Information: Email Gordon Kreplin

Outer Bank’s Top 10 Surf Spots

Top 10 Surf Spots

The Outer Banks is full of things to do.  I am grateful to live in an environment when asked: “what do you want to do today?” at least the first 5 to 10 things that come to mind are all outdoors, weather permitting.  From riding bikes, toskating, to playing volleyball, to fishing, to surfing – the Outer Banks adds its special touch to make all of these activities different than anywhere else.  Whether it’s the views of the beach, views of landmarks, sunsets along the sound, to sunrises over the ocean; everything seems better here.

suring-airSurfing is one of those activities.  OBX isn’t Hawai’i, where you have consistent waves, consistent swells, consistent trade winds, and ridable waves 360 days out of the year.  Everything is variable.  Variable winds can change the form and conditions of the waves within minutes of switching directions.  It’s all about timing here on the Outer Banks.  Right swell direction, right wind direction, best timing according to the tides, and whether you feel like surfing with a bunch of guys or take the waves less crowded.  “You have to strike while the irons hot” in other words.  Five AM surf sesh may be the only time the conditions are clean, come 7AM or 8AM the wind could switch and change everything. You’ll get out, turn back looking at the choppy mess out in the water in disbelief that you were just pitted all morning in clean, hollow barrels.

As far as winds go… You tell wind the by direction it’s coming from, not the direction it’s blowing towards.  You always want off shore (blowing from land) winds.  When the wind blows towards the ocean it pushes on the wave and helps it to stand up creating a nice face to drop in.  Depending on what spot you go to, the off shore direction may be different.  Now with that little background on surfing on the Outer Banks, here are what I would list the top 10 surfed spots as:

daniel-pullen-hatteras-top-10_01. Lighthouse l Hatteras, NC

Home of Professional surfer Brett Barley. For the surfers living in town, when you get to take off for the day and get in on some tasty waves down South, it’s a treat. Up before sunrise, cup of joe, boards loaded, and you’re on the way. The whole way down your anticipating your first sight of the ocean and the conditions it’s bringing that morning. This is a pretty well-known spot, so if you snooze, you will lose. Photo:Daniel Pullen

2. Ocracoke Island

Due to the hassle it takes to get there from the rest of the Outer Banks, these spots are usually left to the locals. Sometimes when you don’t want a crowded wave, Ocracoke holds a day of fun with wide open beaches.

3. Duck Research Pier l Duck, NC 

This spot will produce some of the most beautiful and yet heavy waves I have ever seen on the Outer Banks. Usually when there are waves it’s an automatic “let’s go down south”. Duck Research Pier never fails when it’s pumping.

nags-head-pier_04. Nags Head Pier l Nags Head, NC 

Nags Head Pier, depending on the direction of the swell and wind, can be good on both sides. It can and will be very crowded. If you decide to sleep in past 9AM and want front and center in that line up, you will have other plans that day… like waiting your turn.

avon_05. Avon Pier l Avon, NC

Avon Pier hosts the Gromprix Surfing Competition where groms from all over compete to win a free entry into the O’Neil/Sweetwater surf fest. This is a great spot to take the whole family with large beaches, pier convenient store, and fishing. Pictured here is Brett Barley charging the water with all the groms in a session with the pros. (grom: kids surfing 15 and under).

6. Lillian Street l Kitty Hawk, NC


Near the infamous Pelican’s Perch; One of the last houses standing along a stretch on the beach road. Cons: public parking available, this spot will fill up quick. Pros: there are no homes along this portion of Kitty Hawk, the beaches are uncrowded, wide, with lots of shells to be found, and waves to be had.

kitty-hawk-surfing-copy_07. Kitty Hawk Pier l Kitty Hawk, NC 

Located in front of the Hilton in Kitty Hawk, this is a great spot when staying at the Northern beaches. When the wind direction is right, this spot produces some nice barrels without the long drive down south. Kitty Hawk is also home to ESA Surfing Competitions throughout the year. They welcome all age groups to compete for a spot in the Masters.

8. Chicahauk l Southern Shores, NC 

Home to the Throw Down North of Town surfing competition. A surfing competition for all age groups, and an all around great family fun day.  Located right here in Southern Shores, it’s just a walk from most of our oceanfront properties.

jennettes_09. Jennette’s Pier l Nags Head, NC

Home to the WRV Outer Banks Pro where professional surfers from all over the United States come to battle it out for the grand prize and bragging rights. This spot ranks lower because it’s so well known, that usually when there is any kind of swell in the water, there will also be a ton of guys. It may be crowded, but this beautiful pier makes for a great spot when the waves and winds are hitting just right.

10. Hayman Street l Kill Devil Hills, NC 

A busy public beach access in the heart of Kill Devil Hills. Just about a half mile north of Avalon pier. With a lot of vacation homes, and one of the biggest beach public parking areas in Kill Devil Hills, this spot fills up quick. Depending on the swell direction, the sandbar, and the wind, this spot will break differently just about every time. Either way, this is a fun wave for everyone.

Stay Tuned: surfing etiquette to come.

St. Patrick’s Day 2014 on the Outer Banks

Photo taken by Karen Haley for Southern Shores Realty.
Christine Wissman, Beth Bray, and Melanie Mazza sporting St. Patrick’s Day spirit!

I’m feeling the luck of my Irish side this year, predicting sunshine and warmer temperatures.  Waking up for St. Patrick’s Day is not like waking up for any other day.  Here on the Outer Banks, St. Patrick’s Day is taken very seriously.  There are activities going on from sunrise to sunset. Here, you go to sleep with your St. Patrick’s Day outfit planned out.  It has every piece of green from your wardrobe that you can possibly find to wear at one time.  You wake up knowing this day is going to be long, maybe a little cold, and a ton of fun.  Throwing in some festive items like top hats, and beads and you’re all set to go.

outer-banks-leprechaun-runKelly’s Running of the Leprechauns starts off St. Patrick’s Day here on the Outer Banks.  This year they bumped up the ante a little bit from an 8k to a 10k.  Adding another 1.2 miles can make all the difference.  Everyone dresses in his or her best St. Patrick’s Day running attire, while trying to earn the prize at the end of the rainbow.

Whether you place in the top 3 or not, everyone gets a treat at the Kelly’s after party.  There is food to be eaten, drinks to be drank, and a DJ for the Rock’n Leprechaun party.  Serving up their hot and delicious Irish stew, Irish soda bread, sugar cookies, their to-die-for sweet potato biscuits, and to wash it all down… Guinness.  It’s the best way to start your St. Patrick’s Day, burn calories and then indulge!

kellys-obx-gluten-freeAfter that start to St. Patrick’s Day, it’s time to prep for the parade.  Only a few short hours and over 100 vendors will travel a mile North on Beach Road.  This is the biggest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the state of North Carolina.  There is a theme every year, and this year it’s “Wear your green, but wave your red, white and blue”.  Time to take matters seriously; there are awards on the line.  They are given for best float, best overall, best band, and 2 observers will win best route theme!  Pack a cooler; bring extra layers and a rain jacket just in case it’s cold or rainy because there is going to be a good 3 hours of parade time.

st-patricks-day-parade_0St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays that gives everyone a reason to get together.  After the parade, it’s time feast on the annual green food and drinks.  Kelly’s also puts on a great Irish themed dinner special for the weekend.  A day doesn’t get much better when you have these key ingredients: Outer Banks, holiday that brings us together, friends, family, good food, early AM running event, and the biggest parade in North Carolina.  Luckily, you can find that all in one place here on St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Parade Photo Credit:

TOP 10 Reasons to Vacation with Southern Shores Realty

Choosing an Outer Banks vacation rental home is fun.  Real fun!  There are thousands of rental properties all over the Outer Banks and dozens of realty companies and property managers who do an excellent job satisfying our beach’s visitors year after year.

Since I have your attention, I’d like to give you the TOP 10 reasons why you should absolutely book your next OBX vacation with Southern Shores Realty.  I’m talking without a doubt, no questions asked, going to have the best experience ever… here goes:


ssr_logo_309x207Southern Shores Realty has been proudly serving Outer Banks vacationers just like you since 1947.  I hope this webpage stays around for some time, but as of today that’s over 66 years!  Do you remember what you were doing in 1947?

With all those years under our belt comes unmatched experience and a natural knowledge on how to do things the “right” way.  We take pride in our decades of vacation rental experience and cherish the opportunity to earn our guests’ business year after year.


Photo taken by Terry Moore for Southern Shores Realty.The Outer Banks is one of the best family vacation destinations in the world.  When you bring your family to the beach with Southern Shores Realty, you are bringing your family to ours.  We are a family owned business and a tightly knit group of people who love what we do.  We are also part of the Outer Banks family; donating to hundreds of local organizations and charitable causes over the years.  When you book your OBX rental with SSR, rest assured that our family will do everything we can to make fantastic memories for yours!


outer-banks-map-rentals-selectionIt’s all about having the perfect house; right?  From Corolla to South Nags Head, Southern Shores Realty professionally manages and rents over 600 homes that offer exceptional and varied choices to our guests.  While many of our guests enjoy the satisfaction of staying in the same home year after year, others may enjoy experiencing multiple homes and new rental properties each time they vacation.

Whether you are seeking an Oceanfront rental with priceless views of the Atlantic Ocean, or a secluded beach box nestled in the maritime forest, Southern Shores Realty’s abundance of properties keeps our family of vacationers returning year after year!


we-love-our-jobsIsn’t it obvious when people enjoy their job?  Guess what, we all work at the beach!  Pretty cool right?

At Southern Shores Realty, we love what we do!  We help people vacation, and we think that’s awesome.  The next time you step into our rental office on a beautiful summer afternoon on the Outer Banks, take the time to enjoy talking with our front desk staff or greeting a maintenance worker servicing your home.  Your complete satisfaction is our #1 goal, and we have fun taking the time to earn it.


outer-banks-family-vacationWe appreciate your loyalty.  Many Southern Shores Realty vacationers have been renting with us for over 50 years!  As a family owned business we know how important family traditions are, and we would be honored to be a part of yours.  We will always continue to provide the best service, selection of homes, and area resources to all of our guests, making sure your vacations are filled with memories that last a lifetime.

Easy to Use

booking-on-a-tabletYesterday’s luxuries are today’s necessities, right?  Well, we’ve got you covered!  Southern Shores Realty’s website has been praised by hundreds of long-time OBX visitors as the hands down, easiest to use.  From our multiple search tools to easy to understand calendars & rates, our website has been designed with you in mind!

Southern Shores Realty is also pleased to announce that we have introduced mobile booking!  There’s no telling exactly when and where the “itch” to book your next Outer Banks vacation may occur so we’ve prepared for all devices!  Enjoy the conveniences and power of our full website right on your mobile and tablet devices.  Online booking has never been easier and we’re pleased to introduce it as the best on the beach for your mobile devices!


outer-banks-blogThe Outer Banks is big.  Real big.  Many of our seasoned vacationers know these beaches like the back of their hands.  But for some, a little assistance and knowledge is welcome, especially for first timers.  Our staff is all local, all the time!  We aren’t called the “Outer Banks Expert” for nothing!  We have an oversized Outer Banks Vacation Planner on our website that’s jam packed with area information like things to do, where to shop, and restaurants to eat at.  We also have a full-service Outer Banks Blog that’s home to some of the best articles and perspectives on everything from OBX Surf Fishing to Outer Banks Weddings!  Whether you are a 50 year vacationer or on the fence about visit #1, you are going to fall in love with all the resources Southern Shores Realty has available for you to plan the best vacation ever!

OBX Love

obx-loveWe love the Outer Banks.  Quite frankly, it’s hard not to.  With that love for the OBX comes fantastic knowledge, advice, information, and entertainment for our visitors!  Our YouTube Channel is full of great video collections like “REAL Outer Banks Vacation Moments”, that highlight pivotal moments and milestones of a true OBX vacation!

So go ahead, click on over and get lost in the Outer Banks content we have for you!


guest-rewardsAs if your vacation isn’t rewarding enough, Southern Shores Realty offers exclusive rewards to our valued guests as a “Thank You” for staying with us.  Now these aren’t your everyday, coupon clippin’ kind of savings.  I’m talking about fantastic area offers and unique deals that we’ve secured just for our visitors.

Ranging from nightly entertainment to outdoor excursions, our Guest Rewards program is designed to offer varied Outer Banks experiences, at incredible discounts, that can be enjoyed all week long!


best-outer-banks-rental-companyIt can’t be all that bad to toot your own horn if it sounds wonderful, right?  Take a look around on various travel websites, review blogs, etc., and see what others are saying about Southern Shores Realty.  We’re the highest rated Outer Banks vacation rental company on with a 4.5/5 star rating, we carry a 4.5/5 average property rating on, and boast a 4.8/5 overall business rating on Google.  Put that all together and you get a remarkable repertoire of reviews from real renters!  (Sorry for alliteration abuse!)

Horn tooting aside, you can rest assured that we operate to the highest standards in regards to our business.  We believe it’s not worth doing something unless you do it right, and customer satisfaction is paramount.  Why not go ahead and start browsing for your next Outer Banks vacation rental home today?

Here’s to Vacation!

REAL Outer Banks Vacation Moments – Check-in Day

Who’s ready for more?  Chronicling “Check-in Day” is a handful!  From the rental office, grocery store, and claiming a room – I think you all will enjoy this episode!  Comments please and keep in touch with ourYouTube Channel for all our goodies!