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Driving to The Outer Banks | Part of the Experience

Driving to the Outer Banks is one of the great parts about vacationing here.  Most of us drive hundreds of miles and probably have some sort of traditional way to get here.  I’d like to share the “Yankee Route” that my family has taken from western Pennsylvania for decades, as well as some of my memories[Read More…]

REAL Outer Banks Vacation Moments – Coupon Books

This episode really doesn’t recall just ONE moment.. more like a week-long strategy!  Here’s how it’s always worked with my family & Outer Banks Coupon Books!

REAL Outer Banks Vacation Moments – Check-in Day

Who’s ready for more?  Chronicling “Check-in Day” is a handful!  From the rental office, grocery store, and claiming a room – I think you all will enjoy this episode!  Comments please and keep in touch with ourYouTube Channel for all our goodies!

REAL Outer Banks Vacation Moments – Crossing the Bridge

I wanted to start a new video series depicting REAL moments from my Outer Banks vacationing experiences.  I hope you all enjoy the first edition: “Crossing the Bridge.”  For us, as children, this always marked the beginning of our magical week away at the beach.  Enjoy the comical and TRUE events – stay tuned for[Read More…]