A Hotel Room vs. A Vacation Home

Many people, when vacationing on the Outer Banks, are still using hotels and are missing the benefits of staying in one of our many Outer Banks vacation rentals. So we would like to bring to your attention a few things you many not have considered in a vacation home that greatly exceeds the value of a hotel.

Vacation in Comfort

Hotels are neutral space, clean, but empty of personality.  A house or condo will be equally cleaned and cared for, but it’s more of a living space with unique decor and separate rooms, not just a bedroom with a bath.  You can relax in your own room or join the conversation in living, dining, pool, hot tub, and game room areas.  Staying at a vacation home on the Outer Banks means not sharing your hot water with a couple hundred people, not having tiny rooms to relax in, or have the fun that comes with paper-thin walls.

Spend More Money On Having Fun

A vacation home is often less expensive than a hotel, particularly for large families.  You can rent an entire house instead of multiple hotel rooms.  Renting a house or condo is a great way to save money that can be used for other fun things on your vacation.

Increased Convenience

Vacation homes have their own laundry facilities, internet connection, entertainment center, and kitchens. You can enjoy movies at no extra charge.  Many homes include board games, cards, games rooms with pool tables and Foosball tables, and some even have arcades. Vacation homes come with plenty of amenities, many of which include a hot tub and swimming pool.  Also, you have your own parking so there’s no competition for getting the close spots. Vacation homes come with helpful information about the area, including the best local shops, nature spots, and eateries.

Location, Location, Location

The most expensive and exclusive hotels are usually right next to the beach or whatever vacation hotspots you are seeking, but often the more budget, and family friendly, hotels are not in such an ideal location.  However, vacation homes are likely to be right where you want to be and in a residential neighborhood for more of a relaxed feel, especially in Southern Shores and Duck.

Bring the Whole Family.

It can be difficult to find hotels that allow your furry friend to stay with you, but many vacation rental properties are open to pets.  Your pet will feel more comfortable in a house or condo as well, especially compared to a hotel room.  With a vacation home, you don’t have to deal with paper thin walls.

Service That Goes The Extra Mile

Hotels pride themselves on courteous service, but your vacation rental company is more likely to go the extra mile to help you have an unforgettable, worry-free experience.  Vacation homes depend on repeat business, so they want to make sure you’re satisfied.

Support a Small Business

By booking a vacation home, you’re helping finance a “Mom and Pop” operation, rather than a powerful, corporate hotel chain.