Top 10 Summer 2012 Articles

December 11, 2012

Are you missing the summer yet?  We are!

We’ve had a very busy summer trying to keep you informed about the best the Outer Banks has to offer.  So to celebrate the Summer of 2012 we invite you to check out the top 10 articles written this summer.  Perhaps they will help you plan for your 2013 summer vacation!

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Fall Outer Banks Vacations

Looking for even more reasons to love the Outer Banks?  Try a Fall Vacation!  Enjoy Outer Banks vacation rental deals, fantastic weather, and emptier beaches!


Outer Banks Top 10 Activities

There are thousands of things to do here at the beach, but these 10 need to be checked off the list at least once on your Outer Banks vacation stay!


What to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

There are many questions you can ask a wedding photographer. This list is designed to help determine which photographers are a good match for you.


Event Homes, Outer Banks Weddings

The Outer Banks is becoming a more and more popular wedding destination for the same reason people vacation here; it’s just beautiful! Here are some helpful tips you should really know before reserving your Outer Banks rentals part of your plan.


Outer Banks Top 10 Attractions

These top 10 are simply the standouts that we are proud to recommend ANY visitor! From North Carolina parks to attractions that illustrate the rich history of the Outer Banks; you will find the best here!


Outer Banks Restaurant Tours, Kitty Hawk

Anyone could go to each one of these restaurants individually, but you would be missing the experience of laughing with others and hearing the heart of fellow epicureans. Those who stay with Southern Shores Realty get a nice discount on this tour as well.


Outer Banks Surf and Pier Fishing Quick Reference

A resource and tool to help you catch certain fish, identify what you’ve caught, and give you state limits, here on the Outer Banks.


Outer Banks Restaurant Tours, Duck

Find your new favorite Outer Banks restaurants on a guided tour by an area expert!  This is an awesome adventure to enjoy food, scenery, and a great experience!


Outer Banks Top 10 Foods to Try

We want to inform our visitors about the cuisine that should be experienced at least once to get the most out of your stay! These are not necessarily our favorites, sponsors, endorsers, or partners. They are simply a collection of delicious experiences we feel you should share in at least one time that you are here.


20 Things To Do When It Rains On the Outer Banks

You’re on vacation at the Outer Banks and it begins to rain. What do you do? Here is a list of 20 great things to do on the Outer Banks when the rain just won’t stay away.