Useful Rental Tools

June 29, 2021

The OBX has always been a wonderful destination for all beach lovers. As the word of it’s awesomeness has been spreading, rental properties have been going quickly. To make renting a beach getaway as easily as possible, Southern Shores Realty has put together some tools to help all wayfarers navigate through this historic rental season.

Looking for a specific week but everything is booked?

Our Re-Rent page posts cancellations as soon as possible.

The Re-Rent page is a hot spot for rentals. We have been seeing homes re-rent in record timing, so we recommend checking the page frequently. If you see something you like, we highly suggest booking ASAP.

Looking for a weekend getaway?

Partial stays are available for booking 10 days before desired check-in. The properties that allow for partial stays can be found on our website by clicking here.

Are you planning vacation around finding a rental?

If you’re just merely browsing with flexibility, we have a page for you! Our “Rentals Still Available” page will show you any rentals that are available at any point during the remainder of the summer. Since the rental market is bustling, we thought it’d be convenient to place all of our remaining inventory in one user-friendly list.

Visiting next year?

Great, we love how eager vacationers are! It’s truly never too early to start dreaming about your “happy place”. We have a 2022 Rentals Page for you to browse our properties that have been posted so far. At the time of this blog posting, not all rentals have been added. Individual properties are listed as they’re made available.

Want a specific rental for the future?

Southern Shores Realty offer guests the First Right of Refusal AKA you have until your check-out to get first dibs on the same week in the same rental for the following year. If you’re the current tenant, you can easily book again using this page. But– what if you have your eyes set on a particular home that you didn’t rent in the previous year? We are accepting requests! This form can be filled out and we will make the reservation for you should it become available. Please thoroughly read information contained in the webpage before proceeding with request.

Prefer speak directly with a vacation specialist?

We want to chat with you, too! Our friendly team of reservationists who are eager to help you plan your next OBX beach vacation! Our local staff can be reached at 800-334-1000, or by clicking here.