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Outer Banks Charter Fishing

Charter fishing is very popular for Outer Banks vacations. The Outer Banks is home to dozens of experienced fishing captains who know how to get you and your crew to experience some of the world's finest fishing! Charter fishing trips typically start early in the morning, and can vary from inshore or sound fishing trips to Gulf Stream, full day action. Typically a marina, like that at Oregon Inlet fishing center, will be the port of call for a full fleet of charter boats. You can contact the marina and find out which charters are best for you, and book rather far in advance to plan with your vacation.

The most basic form of charter fishing is called head boat fishing or party boat fishing. These boats are built to hold a large number of people (typically 20-30) and usually fish for a half of a day. They are very family friendly and popular for large groups. You will most likely bottom fish and catch species like Sea bass and Flounder. Another popular charter fishing option for Outer Banks vacations is half-day inshore fishing. Just as the name implies, you will spend either the morning or the afternoon either trolling the sound for fish like Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish, or just off the beaches and perhaps sight casting for Cobia. Half day trips are very popular as you get to experience the fun of targeting more sport-fish, while also saving money compared to a full day trip.

Gulf stream full day fishing is the king of charter trips. You will spend a full day approximately 35 miles off the coast targeting "big game" fish like Tuna, Dolphin, and Marlin. The Outer Banks are very close to the Gulf stream waters so more time is spent fishing and less time traveling to your destinations. Full day charter fishing is the most expensive of all charter options, typically ringing in around $1,900 for a day. Split between 6 people this is not too bad. A popular way for small groups to full day fish is going on "make up" charters; a service the marinas offer to offset costs and assembling a full boat of small groups together. Typical make up charters cost around $200-$300 a person and are cost efficient for a couple, etc.

Charter Fleets & Marinas

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