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Pet Vacation Checklist

It's not a family vacation on the Outer Banks unless the whole family is together, including our 4 legged family members. Many of our rental homes offer pet friendly amenities. Your pet can be a part of the family fun spent on the beach together. By bringing your pet you also relieve your mind of the constant worry of them being boarded around animals they aren't familiar with or being home alone with a pet sitter.

Outer Banks Pet ChecklistNow that the decision is made to bring the whole family to vacation this year you're thinking "What do I need to bring for my pet?". It's just like packing for one of the kids. Our pets are just as important and a part of the family as our children. Here is a pet checklist to help ease your mind packing:

  • A leash is very important. Each town on the Outer Banks of North Carolina has their own leash laws.
  • Collar with up-to-date tags, addresses, phone numbers, and vaccinations
  • Copy of your pet's shot records
  • Copy of medicines currently taking or have recently taken
  • Food for at least 12 days
  • Food bowl
  • Water bowl
  • Toys & bones for inside the house
  • Extra toys that you don't mind losing in the surf
  • Treats
  • Brush; this will help get all the sand out of their coats before the ride home
  • Dog soap just in case you want to wash them before heading home
  • Backup antibiotics just in case they incur any abrasions while being here
  • Umbrella; even though you are already bringing some for the family, just make sure there is enough room for your pet and if not bring an extra one for them to help keep them cool.
  • Beach water bowl; Pet stores have foldable water bowls that will fit right into your beach bag.
  • Life Vest if you feel necessary.
  • Crate; If your pet is used to sleeping in one or just having a crate available they look at this as their safe haven and could be comforting to your pet being in a new environment.
  • Baby gates; if the family is outside grilling and enjoying the beautiful views of the Outer Banks your pet will want to join. Baby gates make this easy for everyone by blocking off stairs, preventing your pet from running off.
  • Leash stake; this is great for beach days, just be sure to put it close to that umbrella.