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The Outer Banks and You - Outer Banks Song

The Outer Banks Song - "The Outer Banks and You"

Welcome to the official page of Southern Shores Realty's official company song: "The Outer Banks and You." The song was written by one of our vacation guests, James Trent and produced along with Howie Moscovitch. In the summer of 2013, James submitted the song to Southern Shores Realty's Facebook page and it was used as background music to slides from our Outer Banks photo contest submissions. The outpour of positive feedback and love for the Outer Banks song came immediately and we knew it had great potential as our new, official song.

Jamie is pleased his song is gaining recognition and plans to donate his proceeds from the license to SongwritingWith:Soldiers, a nonprofit organization who pairs returning active duty soldiers and veterans with songwriters to help them adjust to returning home and create songs about personal experiences in combat.

"The Outer Banks and You" is the quintessential song that represents all the fond feelings of an Outer Banks vacation and living on the Outer Banks, including sharing those memories with family, friends, and sweethearts. Enjoy enchanting guitar melodies as graceful as the windswept sea oats, and a chorus that will have you reminiscing about long walks by the Atlantic Ocean each and every listen.

Listen and enjoy "The Outer Banks and You" in the video below and follow the download links on this page to own "The Outer Banks and You" and listen to it wherever you are, over and over again! The song is available for download on iTunes and, as well as streamable on Rhapsody and iHeartRadio. If you miss the Outer Banks, there is no better cure than listening to the best song about it; enjoy!

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