Advance Booking Request


Please Note:

If you are just inquiring about information or rates for a property, please DO NOT submit this form. Hit the back button and fill in the section on the right side of the property page that says REQUEST MORE INFO


If you wish to make an actual reservation request, please proceed.

You may request an advance reservation during a future year in any home that we rent. An advance reservation request can be made by phone, e-mail, returning a completed Priority Reservation Request Form, or online. A Reservation Request made for a future year is tentative and is subject to availability offered by the property owner, changes in amenities, and rates. Once Southern Shores Realty has rates available for the week requested, a signed rental agreement and deposit is required. If you are requesting a reservation in the same property and the same week that you have rented this year, you may have first priority for that week of the following year as long as you make your advance reservation request prior to or upon your departure.

If you have not rented this home in the past, and are requesting a future reservation, please note, the current guest in will have priority over other requests for the week.

Please re-type your name in this box to complete your advance booking request.

Please Note: By filling in this form you are requesting that a reservation be made in your name for the dates requested. If the dates are available, you will receive a lease once we have rates available. If you trying to decide between two or more properties, but only wish to make a single reservation, please do not submit an Advance Booking Request for each one. Use the "WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS LISTING?" section of the property page to send your questions directly to our Vacation Specialists. Thank you.