Beginning Sunday June 21, 2020 face coverings must be worn in indoor and outdoor public spaces where social distancing cannot be maintained.

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Making a Reservation:

It's easy to make a reservation. Simply surf our site, pick out your favorite homes, then book online or call us toll-free at 1-800-334-1000.

Responsible Groups Welcome: The use of the Premises is restricted to You and Your Family. A "family" as used herein means parents, grandparents, children, spouses of children, and extended family members vacationing at the premises. Use of the Premises by Fraternities, Sororities, or Unrelated Groups Under 24 Years of Age is Prohibited. Occupancy is restricted to the number of Occupants for the Premises set forth in the property description. Southern Shores Realty operates under the North Carolina Vacation Rental Act and will commence expedited eviction under this law if a home is rented under false pretense.

PRIORITY RESERVATIONS: Each guest is given the opportunity to make a Priority Reservation for the same unit the following year. You will maintain your priority for the same house and same week as long as you make your reservation before your departure. Only the property owner has a higher priority. (Reservations made through our website by someone other than the guest that has the Priority option will be notified if the unit is not reserved by the Priority guest.)

Partial Week Reservations: Partial Week Reservations (3-night minimum) can be made10 days prior to the 3 nights to be reserved from June - September. Off-Season (October - May) non-holiday partial weeks may be booked any time. Rate reductions and discounts do not apply to Partial Week Reservations.

Advance Rent and Confirmation: The advertised Rental Rate is based on 7 NIGHTS OCCUPANCY. The day you make your reservation, we will send you an email with instructions on how to sign your lease. We ask that you read and e-sign the lease agreement within 24 hours of placing the reservation. The required advance rent payment is 50% of the rent and the cost of Travel Insurance and Vacation Damage Protection if selected.

Important - if we do not receive your advance rent payment AND/OR your signed lease agreement within 2 days, your reservation cannot be guaranteed and may be deleted.

Taxes: North Carolina sales tax and County occupancy tax are added to your total rent and will be due when the balance of your rent is paid. The current state sales tax is 6.75%. The current Dare & Currituck county occupancy tax rate is 6%. Tax rates are subject to change.

Optional Travel Insurance: Finally, an insurance company that protects your vacation investment. Take the worry out of planning ahead. Your vacation is a significant investment. Just as you protect your home or car, you should also protect your travel investment. Unforeseen circumstances, illness, and injuries do occur. Protect your family by purchasing CSA Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance. The cost is small compared to your total vacation expense. A detailed informational pamphlet will be sent to you along with your rental lease. If you are not completely satisfied, the insurance policy may be cancelled within 10 days of booking your reservation and prior to your travel date.

Vacation Rental Damage Protection:  Southern Shores Realty also offers an optional Vacation Rental Damage Protection Plan through its partnership with CSA Travel Protection. Simply make a one time payment of $40, in lieu of a Security Deposit, and avoid the hassle of having to pay for accidental damage later.

Balance of Rent: Remaining balances (rent, taxes, security deposit - if required, and any other fees) are due thirty (30) days prior to your arrival. You may pay this by personal check, a form of cash, or credit card. Should your personal check be returned for any reason, there will be a $25 service charge added to your balance. All payments should be in US Dollars.

Payments: Southern Shores Realty will accept a personal check (if received at least 30 days before your check-in date), a form of cash, or credit card (Visa, Discover or MasterCard). All payments should be in US Dollars. When paying by credit card (Visa, Discover or MasterCard) the following guidelines apply: If a credit card is used the following guidelines must be adhered to:

(1)The person named on the lease must also be the person whose name is on the credit card.

(2)Upon our acceptance of your credit card, your reservation will be considered immediately confirmed, subject to our receipt of a signed lease, which is due within three (3) days. For Late Bookings - If a credit card is used to pay for a last minute booking (less than 30 days prior to arrival), we will charge the entire amount to your credit card including rent, taxes, security deposit (if required), and other fees that apply (pet, linen, etc.). In the case of a "No-Show" the reservation will be treated as a cancellation, and will fall under the rules specified in Lease Section: Cancellations.

CANCELLATIONS: (including transfers to another cottage) If you must cancel your confirmed reservation regardless of reason (including bad weather, illness, death, or economic factors) and the unit is not re-rented for the entire canceled period, YOU WILL FORFEIT ALL MONEY). If the unit is re-rented for the entire canceled period, all money prepaid (less the cancellation fee, and travel insurance) will be refunded.  However, ANY change in a confirmed reservation, or transfer to a different week in the same unit (owner approval required), or a cancellation that re-rents will be subject to a cancellation fee of $175 plus the non-refundable Travel Insurance premium.    


A. Houses that allow pets: Only MATURE, HOUSE-TRAINED DOGS (2 maximum) are permitted and only when stated in the unit description. A Pet Crate is recommended. Do not leave your pets alone in the unit uncrated. Pets must be accompanied by a Tenant at all times. Tenant is responsible for cleaning the area around property of all pet excretions. Do not allow your pet into the pools or hot tubs. Any extraordinary cleaning or material damage by any animal Tenant allows on the rental property and/or pools & hot tubs or grounds will be the responsibility of Tenant and shall be paid immediately upon written notification by Southern Shores Realty. Southern Shores Realty reserves the right to charge the Tenant for any damages to credit card on file. Cats and other animals besides dogs are strictly prohibited. If you do bring a dog, a non-refundable Pet Fee is collected to aid in cleaning and flea treatment expenses. Since pet units are often rented by families who do not bring dogs, it is the Tenant’s responsibility to declare they have brought a dog and pay the Pet Fee ($150.00 plus tax). Each town has its own leash ordinances, which are subject to change; please refer to the Agent’s website for specific information. (For example: From May 15 to September 15, dogs are allowed on the Southern Shores Beaches before 9 a.m. and after 6 p.m. with a leash not to exceed ten (10) feet and you must use a scooping device to clean up pet waste.) B. Houses that DO NOT allow pets: Bringing any animal to a non-pet property will result in immediate eviction, Tenant paying a $500.00 fine, all cleaning costs (including carpet, pool, hot tub and grounds), flea treatment, damages, and no refund of rental monies. Southern Shores Realty cannot guarantee that a non-pet property has not had pets present on the property at some time.

Arrivals and Departures

If you have already made your reservation, check here for arrival and departure information.

Town Websites

Visit the website for the Outer Banks town that you will be staying in. You will find beach regulations, noise ordinance information, parking information, and more.

Standard Equipment

All units are equipped for basic housekeeping (except cleaning supplies, sheets, and towels). This includes furniture, washers, dryers, TV, telephone . . .