Posted on 8/17/2022

15 Must-Do's on an OBX vacation

15 Must-Dos On An OBX Vacation

  1. Beach, obviously.
  2. Need we say more? ;)

  3. Watch the sunrise.
  4. Seriously, being on the east coast and the easternmost point of the state of North Carolina means you're among the first in the nation to watch the sunrise. The totally unobstructed view of the sun reaching the Western Hemisphere is unparalleled.

  5. Don't forget the sunset.
  6. Since we're on a sandbar, we're fortunate enough to get both water views of the sunrise and the sunset. The best locations that we recommend for catching a phenomenal view would be from Jockey's Ridge in Nags Head and then the Whalehead Club in Corolla, respectively.

  7. Visit one of our many lighthouses
  8. Being the Graveyard of the Atlantic we take our lighthouses very seriously, they were pivotal in maritime history and safety, not to mention they are absolutely beautiful and offer even more beautiful views from the top of their structures.

  9. Fly a kite
  10. Being one of the most consistently windy places on earth, we embrace the wind in any and every way. The easiest way is by taking a kite to the sky. The tradition is to take to the dunes of Jockey's Ridge, the east coast's largest sand dune. From the beach, you can get a good angle and wind direction, and stake your kite above your beach hangout, so be sure to pick the coolest kite.

  11. Go fish!
  12. The Outer Banks is a premier east coast fishing location, so take advantage of it! Don't know how, or don't have the gear? Do not fear! Visit Jennette's Pier! (Wow, that was a lot of rhyming) seriously though, Jennette's offers rentals and classes as well as the longest fishing pier in North Carolina.

    If you are looking to use the skills from their classes and get out on the water to fish, you will find plenty of captains willing to take you on board.Half-day trips along the coast are perfect for beginners! If you already have some experience and really want to test your skills, head further out to try your hand at some serious big game!

  13. ..and Eat It Too.
  14. If you caught something, cook 'er up! If you're not the fishing type or just didn't have luck, no worries! We won't tell anyone you got that fish from the market. All jokes aside, our local seafood markets offer fresh-out-of-the-water options. Swimming this morning = dinner tonight. Yummy!

  15. Live like a local.
  16. Apart from fishing, there are plenty of other sports to enjoy. Local sports features include: surfing, skim boarding, wind surfing, kite boarding, kayaking, foiling, sailing, and so much more! There's never *nothing* to do, we are sure of that!

  17. Walk until your feet give out.
  18. Seriously, sometimes the best part of the beach is just walking it until you can't walk anymore. Walking allows you to soak up the sun, take in the views, watch the birds, tire yourself out, and meditate if that's your cup of tea.

  19. Go shelling
  20. Probably the best part of a beach walk is happening upon shells. Make this your intent. Seek out the shells by going out in the morning, as the tide is dropping, and especially after a storm and/or a churned up sea. People have found some truly unique finds, from sharks teeth, to ancient arrowheads, rare sea glass to fully formed whelk and conch shells.

  21. Pump up the volume!
  22. Get that adrenaline pumping! If the aforementioned local sports weren't doing it for ya, then we've got some great ideas to fulfill your adrenaline junkie needs! Go skydiving, spear fishing on the reefs, dive shipwrecks (where you can view sharks), go parasailing, or take an air tour in a biplane!

  23. Wildlife Tours.
  24. Wowwee, if we don't have a surplus of wildlife. It's one our favorite parts of the OBX. View the critically endangered and last remaining herd of Colonial Spanish Mustangs with a horse tour. This ensures their safety and your safety. Don't risk your vehicle getting stuck or accidentally putting the horses in harms way. Not to mention the educational aspect of it all, tour guides share in-depth information and history. You're not limited to the sand though, take to the waters with dolphin tours. These excursions offer in-depth information and can even name many of the dolphins individually. Beyond the beach, you'll find Alligator River tours as well. They will highlight the wild bears, endangered red wolves, fox, snakes, birds, and obviously, the name sake alligators.

  25. Visit any of our numerous historical sites.
  26. Tracing back to the uncolonized indigenous communities, to the first English baby born in America, to the first time humankind took to the skies, birthing modern aviation, the OBX has a surplus of historical monikers and sites. All of which are worth the visit.

  27. Take it easy.
  28. Roll the windows down. Turn the radio up. Hit the beach road. A scenic route and a perfect way to soak up the OBX charm. Just be sure to be extremely cautious of pedestrians, the speed limit, and bicyclists.

  29. Enjoy your OBX vacation rental!
  30. You deserve it. You planned for this, spent the money on it and now the time is here. Soak up every second. Have a pizza party with the family, game night, movie night, or all the above! Make this place home for the week and enjoy every last moment. You can especially enjoy your rental when you stay with the expertise and local care of Southern Shores Realty, who have been serving up unforgettable OBX vacation homes since 1947! 

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