Posted on 4/13/2021

Packing for an OBX Beach Vacation

You just made it to your Outer Banks beach house, finally! It's the vacation you've counted down towards for the past 6 months. You stealthily unpack the car, and scramble down to the beach. As you make your way across the soft, warm sand, breathing in the salty air --it hits you. You forgot your swimsuit!

Weve all been there and can totally empathize. While there are plenty of local beach shops that sell swimwear, we're here to help you save the moment. Our checklist will help you when you finally reach the salty sea, so that you can be stress-free.

We've highlighted the most essential items. Bearing in mind that what's considered "essential" for the beach is subjective, and varies amongst vacationers. Some people simply need one thing: a beach chair and their toes in the sand, while others may require flashy cornhole board, a large canopy, grill, and a fully stocked cooler. Whatever your style, there are some universally agreed upon essentials: sunscreen, shade, a towel, and water.

Pro-Tip: Pack baby powder in your beach bag; it wicks sand right off of skin! Super convenient!

Plan ahead, come prepared and you'll have more time for memory making.

Save this to your phone for future reference! This can also be printed and checked off as you pack.

Happy vacationing!

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