Posted on 9/7/2022

The best parts of fall on the OBX

What are the best things to do in the fall on the Outer Banks? Im glad you asked ;)

  1. Have a beach bonfire
    Brush up on fire safety and ensure youve secured a town permit before lighting up. Then pull out those marshmallow-roasting skills and enjoy a seaside smores and warming up by the warmth of a fire.
  2. Enjoy an oyster roast
    The fall is prime time for oyster lovers! The saying goes that oysters season is during the months that end in "-er".
  3. Attend an annual festival
    Speaking of seafood, the annual Outer Banks Seafood Festival takes place in the fall. For the music lovers, Bluegrass Island Festival takes place over a few days on the gorgeous Roanoke Island Festival Park grounds.
  4. Avoid a hurricane
    The excitement this time of year is something many water sports enthusiasts and weather lovers come to look forward to. Watching hurricane projections and ultimately having them miss us is such an awesome feeling. We do recommend purchasing trip insurance, just to be on the safe side.
  5. Catch a wave
    Speaking of storms, lets talk swells! When the stormsa brewing, so are the waves. Off-shore storms upwell the ocean and send some pretty amazing wave action our way. If youre a surfer, you know this is the best time of year. Not the surfing type? Well be the first to admit how entertaining it is to watch the surfers shred. Grab your beach chair and hit the local break for some authentic OBX entertainment.
  6. ..or cast a line!
    Fall isnt just great for surfing, seafood, and festivals, but also for fishing. The Outer Banks is a fishers paradise and this is especially the case in the fall. As fish migrate for the season, you have a good chance of catching something. Red Drum, in particular, are a great fall catch, and whats more: theyre phenomenal eating as well.
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