Posted on 9/4/2017

Top 5 Tips for Decorating Your Beach House

Every Outer Banks beach house has its own personality from the impressive oceanfront mansions to the cozy beach bungalows these homes are each unique in their own way. An important part of a beach homes character is its decor. Outdated or mismatched decor can hinder your perfectly beautiful vacation home from achieving its maximum potential. To help you enhance your beach homes appeal, we've organized our top five tips for decorating a beach house:

Subtlety is Your Friend

We've all seen it those beach houses that are covered from floor to ceiling in every nautical motif imaginable. While this style is endearing in its kitsch, it can easily make a house look more dated than it truly is. Rather than an overload of fish and mermaid decor, opt for an overall beachy influence instead. Consider accent pillows with a modern seashell pattern or rope accents. Subtle nautical touches give a more put together and high-end feel. One of our recently renovated Outer Banks rentals, # 027 Legacy.

Consider Functionality

Functionality at the beach differs from functionality in other locations. When picking out furnishings and decor for your beach home contemplate the type of wear and tear they will be under. Choose flooring that can withstand years of salty toes. Focus on seating that is going to be comfortable and not scratchy against sunburned skin. Additionally, think about the amount of cleaning necessary for certain fabrics. For example, area rugs over hardwood or laminate flooring will be much easier to keep spotless than carpet. A warm and inviting oceanfront Outer Banks vacation rental, # 1101 The Michie Cottage.

Avoid Distracting from Views

This rings especially true for oceanfront homes. You want the breathtaking views to steal the show but that's hard to do when the decor detracts from it. A better idea is to choose a neutral color palette with soft touches of color that will enhance rather than distract. Consider splashes of blue, green, or yellow to complement the colors of the ocean and sunlight. A backdrop of soft white or sandy tones lets the ocean take the spotlight. One of our oceanfront OBX rentals in Southern Shores, # 109 Currier Cottage.

Update Frequently

One of the downfalls of a beach home is the wear and tear it undergoes every year. Updating frequently is essential in keeping a beach house modern and looking fresh. That's not to say that updating needs to be anything major it can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or as drastic as a total renovation. Take the time to notice which aspects need to be updated every year so your home stays on top of its game! Recently updated modern kitchen in this oceanfront Outer Banks rental, # 088 Owens Beach Xrossing.

Consult a Pro

When in doubt, consult a pro. Professional contractors and interior designers have the knowledge and expertise to help your beach house look its best. There several local professionals who understand the style of the area and can make your homes character shine. Local interior designers such as Modern Beach House Designs by Nicole Peters Interiors and Urban Cottage are doing amazing work on beach houses along the Outer Banks. These professionals will create the perfect combination of your style with modern influences. See examples of their work below. Photo courtesy of Modern Beach House Designs by Nicole Peters Interiors. Photo courtesy of Urban Cottage.For more beach home design inspiration, follow our Pinterest account.
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