Posted on 3/16/2018

Welcome to Doppio Sogno

No, youre not dreaming. Though it may seem too exquisite to exist outside of a beach lovers imagination, Doppio Sogno is entirely real. Meaning Double Dream in Italian, this sage green beauty is among the most uniqueOuter Banks vacation rentals. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Southern Shores, Doppio Sogno creates an impressive presence on the oceanfront. Enter through the massive front door and you cant help but be in awe of the school of fish descending over the stairs, their English fine bone china bodies illuminated in soft light. This extraordinary fixture is the Scabetti Shoal light sculpture, made in their studio and imported from the UK. The home is rife with elegant touches of nautical decor, much like this one. Whether its the boat hull bar in the recreation room, or the shiplap ceilings in the kitchen, the maritime decor is creative and well-thought out. The stunning interior and breathtaking views work together to make Doppio Sogno one of the most beautiful OBX vacation rentals in our lineup.The nautical touches perfectly accent the breathtaking views that can be enjoyed all around this incredible beachfront home. Which is something that can certainly be said about the entirety of this home. With two levels of spacious living space, not only does Doppio Sogno showcase incredible design but it also offers an inviting and relaxed atmosphere, despite its grandeur. A perfect example of this is the homes massive kitchen. Situated on the top floor, the white marble countertops encase a built in breakfast nook while the double sinks, wine cooler, and gas stove ensure that the kitchen is equipped for any culinary need. This fully-equipped kitchen is unlike anything that you'll find in most other Outer Banks vacation rentals! Not to mention that the kitchen is ideal for bringing in a private chef, like Dawns Kitchen. The soft palette of nautical neutrals extends beyond the kitchen and into the living and dining rooms. Featured in the dining room are custom jade and quartz chandeliers while the wide windows offer unobstructed views of the ocean. On the floor below is the recreation room, although somehow that title seems inadequate to describe this impressive space. The open floor plan not only includes a beautifully crafted pool table and colorful sitting area but also more unique touches like a bar by Cozy Kitchens in the shape of a boat hull and a classic arcade game. Venture into the bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, and youre struck by the size. The ample rooms ensure comfort and this is echoed in the generous bathrooms. Beyond the size, each bedroom is uniquely decorated. Whether that means a statement wall of distressed wood or shiplap, every room has its own character.< In the backyard, the oceanfront pool is fenced for privacy and mirrors the interiors spaciousness. The homes multilevel decks are splinter-proof and provide direct access to the star attraction the beach, of course. Doppio Sognos incredible design is the creative work of Urban Cottage owner and designer, Amy Crisler, while the custom carpentry is the handiwork of longtime Outer Banks resident, Andy Ward. Want to stay in one of the most elegant Outer Banks vacation rentals? Doppio Sogno is now accepting reservations for 2018.
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