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Cleaning and Safety Policies

We value the health and safety of our community, our homeowners and our rental guests, and are committed to cleaning all of our homes to the highest standards.

Our housekeepers are all Southern Shores Realty employees and they have been thoroughly trained. Our inspectors are out in the field, ensuring our best practices are followed. Extra cleaning precautions are in place, and our cleaning time frame has increased to allow for the additional disinfecting of the home.

Linen Changes for 2021

We are trying to take additional precautions for the protection of you and your family during these uncertain times.

Upon arrival each bed will have a mattress pad, and pillows. Linens, if rented or provided per the property description, will be placed in the property in the wrapping provided by the laundry facility. Blankets may not be provided in the vacation homes and we do not have blanket rentals available. For your comfort we encourage you to bring your own.


Cleaning & Safety Policy

Peace of Mind Cleaning Checklist

These items are in addition to the Standard Checkout Clean Required after every Guest & Owner Stay.

1. Our cleaners will be giving extra attention to clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces such as light switches, faucets, doorknobs, railings, temperature controls, appliance knobs, and remote controls.

2. We will be using CDC approved cleansers and disinfectants.

3. Linen Delivery Changes:

  • Provided linens will be left as wrapped as they come from the laundry - bed making service will not be provided.
  • We recommend you bring any additional bedding you need from your own home (blankets, extra pillows, etc).

4. There will be limited and no contact non-emergency maintenance and repairs of the Properties:

  • We will endeavor to complete all maintenance on turn-over days.
  • Help us by leaving the home clean by the posted check-out time and be respectful of check-in times.
  • Should we need to enter the premises during your stay, our staff or vendors may ask your family to move outside or to a separate room before entering the property. Please maintain social distancing while vendor, cleaner or maintenance tech is in the house.
  • These measures are for your protection and that of our staff and vendors

Cleaning policies are subject to change as new guidelines and best practices are released.