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Outer Banks Beach Activities for Dogs

Pet Friendly Activities with your Dog

An Outer Banks Vacation isn't a complete vacation without all of our family members, including our furry, 4 legged family members. With over 150 pet friendly vacation rentals we have a wide selection of perfect homes for you and your family! Now that you have the ideal pet friendly home, it's time to pack! We have put together a Pet Vacation Packing Checklist for all of your packing worries and needs. Now that you have the perfect pet friendly vacation home, the packing done, completed your journey to the beach, you're probably wondering what can my dog do while on vacation on hot Outer Banks Summer days?

Well, me being the dog lover I am, I really enjoy taking my pup everywhere with me. By doing this, I have learned a few ways to keep them cool but active while at the beach. One thing I always try to do is get out early with my dog before the day gets really hot. Even if this means 5AM beach time and 6AM bike rides, they need to have fun and burn some energy without being in the heat for too long.

There are also some things they can do along with the family. Keep in mind, if you're hot, so is your dog and as you need to stay hydrated throughout the day, so does your dog. The following is a list of things to do and places to go with your dog while visiting the Outer Banks. Just a reminder as you venture out with your pup to always bring a leash, water, water bowl, and poop pick up bags. If you aren't aware of the leash laws, check them out as they are different in every town you visit.

Ride Bikes with your Dog

Whether it's on the road, the beach or any of the beautiful trails the Outer Banks has to offer, your dog will enjoy every moment spent with you.

Skateboard with your Dog

Well, maybe not exactly like the picture but you get the point. Cruising along, taking in the ocean air, pup and cousins by your side.

Play Fetch on the Beach

Be sure to get out early! This will help because of the temperature and with a lot of visitors getting to the beach later in the morning..

Go for a run on the Beach

Just like you get bored with always running on the road, I'm sure our dogs do too. Mix it up while you're on vacation and hit the sand!

Take a Stroll through Nags Head Woods

Maritime Nature Preserves on the Outer Banks. With its tree covered paths, you and your pup will be tucked away from it all.

Go Shopping with your Pet

This is a list of stores/shopping centers that are outdoors and allow dogs to walk their walkways. Maybe they can get something while you're out.

Enjoy some great food

his is a list of restaurants on the Outer Banks that have a patio and welcome well-behaved dogs on a leash.

Explore Wright Memorial

Our pets may not understand the significance of the Wright Memorial, all they will know is that they are somewhere new with their pack, and that's enough for them.

Surf the Dunes of Jockey's Ridge

Who wouldn't want to run the dunes? Bring your pet with you and your family to watch the sun rise over the ocean or catch the sunset over the sound.

Walk around Heritage Park & Whalehead CLub

With beautiful open lawns, sound front views, and history all around, this makes for a great area to walk with your pup.

Play at Roanoke Island Festival Park

This beautiful sound front park allows dogs. With a full event schedule in the evening all Summer long, it's best to go early morning.

Ride the Waves on Stand-up Paddle Boards

For the experts surfer pups, it's always a great time. For the beginners, I would start small with little to no waves in the sound.

Explore the Duck Trail

This is a multi-use path from one end of town to the other. Winds through the trees and opens up to beautiful views of the Outer Banks.

Take them back to Nature at the Estuarine Nature Walk

This is a beautiful 0.3-mile walk out to the Currituck Sound. There is also a 1.5-mile path that veers off the boardwalk.