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Kayaking, Bridge, & other ways to Fish in the OBX

Outer Banks Kayak Fishing

There are many other popular ways to fish on the Outer Banks. Kayak fishing, bridge fishing, and spear fishing are all very popular and exciting ways to get out and enjoy the fishing environments here. Kayak fishing is predominantly a inter-coastal or sound side activity. The calmer waters ease stability for anglers. Often times kayak fishermen will frequent bridges near ocean inlets as it is a good mix of controllable water conditions and the presence of game fish. Spear fishing is best in the ocean, where open waters and shipwrecks create a habitat that attracts large fish. No matter what type of fishing you do on the Outer Banks you can be sure it's going to be great! A list of fishing bridges is found below.

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Nags Head Causeway Bridge

This is a nifty “little bridge”, as the locals like to call it, located in south Nags Head right before the Washington Baum Bridge. Heavily populated during the summer, and fall seasons, for it is extremely popular around the Outer Banks. Discover families, friends, locals, and other guests visiting the area for a fun experience. There is a side walkway next to the bridge intended for fisherman to fish from it, safely. Did we mention that this bridge makes an extremely easy cast off into the Roanoke Sound?

Herbert Bonner Bridge

Herbert Bonner Bridge, located in Oregon Inlet, is a popular fishing spot for guest to go to. Oregon Inlet has it's own hidden gems within itself which makes it a great location to visit. This bridge was purposely built for anglers to stay safe from the heavy traffic heading down Highway 12. There is a catwalk at the Southern end of it which is where you will want to be; park in the lot on the southern end also.

Washington Baum Bridge

The Washington Baum Bridge is located at the very beginning of Manteo, North Carolina after the “little bridge.” Underneath the west end you will find a convenient pier and dock for fishing use. Access is right across the street from the Pirates Cove Marina as well as a parking lot. This is bridge spans the channel between Roanoke Island, and Nags Head.