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Outer Banks Watersports


Do you have a healthy, active lifestyle? Are you looking for a fun, scenic vacation destination with a neat kayaking environment? One of the many reasons people visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina is to experience the uniqueness of the waters, and miles of mysterious marsh. The excursions are breathtaking, especially in a kayak. With the gorgeous, calm, soundside on the west side of the beach, and the inviting Atlantic ocean on the east, kayaking is easily accessible from all of our Outer Banks Vacation Rentals.

There are many benefits to kayaking through the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Including a memorable peace of life to take back home with you, incredible views of endless waters, interesting marsh labyrinths, and a diverse selection of water fowl. Kayaking is also a great work out. So as you adventure through those many areas that are inaccessible by foot you're being healthy while experiencing an excursion of a lifetime.


During your stay in your Outer Banks vacation rental; you have the perfect opportunity to discover why the Outer Banks is one of the best spots worldwide for kiteboarding. 

Kiteboarding, also known as kitesurfing, is the ultimate water sport on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. involving a kite, a board, strong winds, and a passion for flying! The ideal winds of the Outer Banks is why the Wright Brothers chose the area to test their early aircraft. It also makes for great fun on the water.

Perfect wind conditions being created daily by the Atlantic ocean sitting on the west side of the islands and the sound on the east. Also, it makes a great learning spot for beginners with miles of shallow water along the barrier islands.

If you are not familiar with kiteboarding your best bet would be to grab a lesson from one of the pro's at a local surf shop. The famous Kitty Hawk Kites has multiple locations along the beach. Kiteboarding creates thrilling sensations for the go getters out there, yet at the same time is perfect for the inexperienced for the concept is easy to grasp.

Come visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a kiteboarding excursion of a lifetime. 


Like most watersports, this one requires some instruction, but there are few better ways to enjoy a day or evening on the Outer Banks than a sailing. The feeling of the wind pushing you along and you skillfully maneuver your rudder and sail.  It's an awesome feeling!  There are a few companies on the Outer Banks that give the instruction you need to be out on your own at a very affordable cost.  One of our favorites is Nor' Banks Sailing.


Have you ever wanted to glide right down the beach on a board with ease? You can here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with almost perfect skim conditions year round. Skim boarding is a sport of dedication, skill, and an optimistic attitude. It takes a while to get, but as long you keep getting back up you will eventually tackle the sport. If you are thinking surfing then you are in the right course, it's just a tad bit different. The idea is to run into the surf, toss your board down in front of yourself, and finally jump on it to skim down through the surf. Skimming is a top 'to-do' sport while vacationing at the beach.


Are you in search for secluded areas, pristine beaches, and outstanding surf? Surfers visit from all over the world to ride the waves rolling into North Carolina. These unique barrier islands provide ultimate surfing conditions, as well as sensational views. With the Atlantic wind swell, and top notch instructors, surfers of all levels have a good ride here on the Outer Banks. The pro's know that if you are experienced, there's no where better to surf on the east coast. Are you at the novice level? Possibly just interested in testing the world of surfing out? Well, you have came to right place. The Outer Banks is complete with experienced surfing pro's who enjoy taking the time to share their love of the sport with others. Our surf shops provide surfing lessons for all ages, and multiple different camps throughout the summer months. Even board rentals, and trade-ins.

A Few Surfing Tips:

  • ALWAYS surf near a lifeguard
  • NEVER surf alone
  • ALWAYS surf with a leash
  • Talk to those around you
  • Inexperienced? Grab a quick lesson from a local Surf Shop
  • Check Southern Shores Realty's beach & surf updates.

Surf Shops, Services, & Rentals

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