Posted on 5/31/2018

10 Tips for Dog-Friendly Beaches

10 Tips for Dog Friendly Beaches If youre a beach lover AND a dog lover, then youre probably going to want your pup to enjoy the beach with you! And with some of the most dog-friendly beaches (and pet-friendlyOBX vacation rental!), the Outer Banks is a perfect choice for dog lovers. Here are our tips and tricks for a stress-free day at the beach with your four-legged BFF.

1. Keep your dog hydrated

Whatever youre packing in the cooler for yourself, dont forget to throw in a water bottle for your pup! Dogs need to stay hydrated too and the best way to do that is by bringing a reusable water bottle and bowl with you to the beach.

2. Use the right leash

Although the leash laws are different for each beach, its a good idea to have a leash of an appropriate length for all your beach adventures. Avoid anything too long, as the beaches can easily fill up in the summers.

3. If it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your pup

You know how the sand feels like hot coals in the middle of July? Well it feels that way for your pup too. If you cant bear to walk barefoot, then they cant either. On super hot days, opt to leave your dog in your OBXvacation rental rather than risking blisters or heat exhaustion.

4. Provide shade

Even if theres a nice breeze, dogs normally seek shade when they become too hot. So make sure theres a place they can get some rest from the sun. A sturdy beach umbrella or tent is a perfect way to make sure your pup stays cooled off.

5. Have a plan for emergencies

Unfortunately, emergencies happen. Stay prepared for the unexpected by choosing a local Outer Banks veterinarian and keeping their number in your phone.

6. Dogs get sunburn too

Pups can have sensitive skin, just like humans. Dogs with light-colored noses or sparse coats can benefit from sunscreen. Ask your vet about dog-friendly brands.

7. Does your dog play well with others?

Most likely, youre bound to run into other pups on the beach (and why its a good idea to bring a leash, regardless of the leash laws). Make sure your four-legged friend is up to date on shots and can get along with strange dogs.

8. Bring a baggie

And use it! Better yet, bring a biodegradable one (or use the bags you can find at most beach accesses). Being a responsible dog owner and cleaning up after your pet makes the difference between beaches closed for biohazards and clean beaches we can sit on and watch for dolphins.

9. Bring fun stuff too

Keep your pup happy and occupied so theyll always want to come back to the beach. Dont forget to bring your dogs favorite toys. And you can never go wrong with a Frisbee.

10. You can be fined

Most importantly, realize that you can be fined if you ignore town laws. Nobody likes to pay a fine on vacation.There you have it! Those are our 10 tips to make sure that you and your four-legged friend are able to enjoy some quality vacation time together. Whether you're soaking up the sun at the beach or just relaxing in the peace of your OBX vacation rental, you'll surely have a great time!
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