Posted on 2/22/2022

3 Reasons to Visit the OBX in The Spring


Milder weather means you can enjoy the beach in comfort. The beach can comfortably be enjoyed in a T-shirt during the day and a light sweatshirt at night. If you're wearing flip flops, you're over-dressed. The sand isn't hot like it is in the summer, so there's no sprinting across scorching sand. You can take your time and really feel the sand between your toes. Pack a volleyball and cooler and hit the beach; enjoy a day at Jockey's Ridge; stroll through one of our many maritime forests; or hit up the local boutiques for the first look at the summertime offerings!


Rentals don't fill quite as quickly for the spring as they do for the summer. Take advantage of this! If you were late on booking for summer, and your favorite rental has been snagged up, then try searching for springtime availability! Due to the fact that the OBX is a predominately family vacation destination, and many kids are still in school in the spring, it means less people on the beach. Which leads us to the next great reason to visit us this spring...

Rejuvenated & Replenished

The winter time is when the Outer Banks sets its "reset" button. The beach itself has had a break from crowds, so there are more beach treasures to be collected and more shell beds to be explored in the spring! The winter storms churned up shells, sea glass, and driftwood just waiting to be picked over.

What's great is that it's not just the beach that's been rejuvenated, but so have many of the rentals, businesses, and workforce. While the winters are continuing to grow busier through the years, there is still a slowing of pace. This allows rentals a time to be updated, renovated, and deep cleaned; the workforce to have a "breather"; and retail to get fully restocked. Returning in the spring usually means seeing our community in its prime; the winter is past, spirits are lifted, the sun is shining, and folks are geared up for a great season ahead!

Join us in the excitement!

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