Posted on 2/15/2022

Why You Should Book More Mini Vacations

The Outer Banks is known for its family-friendliness as many reflect their week-long family reunions and get-togethers. Folks go all out, planning for up to a year in advanced, prepping all of the details, securing reservations, and booking excursions. Southern Shores Realty guests have shared with us that it is the most anticipated week of the year for their family. It truly is so special that so many regard our location so highly.

Those week-long escapes where your rental starts to feel like your own second home are so sentimental. They're truly unforgettable. With the planning and taking time off work, it can sometimes be a bit more difficult to do multiple trips like this. If you are fortunate enough to take several week long OBX vacations a year -- well then, you're living many people's dream!

Realistically for many, several week-long family vacations can, logistically, and potentially, financially, be a bit trickier to plan. That's where "Mini Vacations" come in clutch.

If you're itching for a escape to the coast, or if you've got "Outer Banks Separation Anxiety", but you can't take a week off of work or are unable to get the whole crew together, we recommend booking a mini vacation!

A mini vacation allows you to hit the beach with minimal commitment. Have a long weekend coming up? Why not pack your bags and hit the road! Vacationing for a short stay has many perks:

  • It is a fraction of the cost of a full week's vacation
  • No need for lengthy time-off requests at work
  • Pack a cooler and snacks to skip the grocery store lines. You won't have to worry about packing the fridge for a full week. It's easier to bring necessities along in the car for a short stay
  • Less money spent on a week's vacation, means more in your budget for things like excursions and dining out
  • Can be planned spontaneously and are low-commitment
  • Packing light! You'll only need to pack enough for a few days.
  • Return refreshed and rejuvenated. Sometimes all you need is a few nights away to reset, and since being away for only a few days, means less planning and logistics, you can soak up every second of pure relaxation.

Southern Shores Realty has a variety of rental properties that are accepting partial week stays. We would love to help you sneak in a couple more trips to the OBX here and there throughout the year. Visit us on the web or give us a call 800-334-1000.

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