Posted on 2/4/2020

5 Reasons You Should Book Directly with a Vacation Rental Manager

Book direct. Book local. Booksmart.

It's Monday morning, you pull up to work, coffee in hand, sleep still in your eyes. I need a vacation is probably mumbled under your breath. With modern technology, you can scroll through vacation houses in the palm of your hand, and daydream about your getaway while stuck in rush hour traffic.

When you finally decide to pull the trigger on booking that well-deserved vacation, you might find yourself overwhelmed with options. There are so many ways to book - where to begin? How do you decide between booking with the professional vacation rental managers, or all of the other online options (AirBnB, VRBO, TripAdvisor, etc.)? This National #BookDirect Day, we're happy to answer these questions and share the perks of booking direct!

Why Pay More?

Online travel agencies (OTAs) like AirBnB and VRBO are smart and profitable. They know how to market themselves to make it appear like you'll be getting a steal by booking with them, while pocketing your money. Even if booked on those platforms, the homeowner and rental manager still have to get paid, yet the OTA's initial price quote appear to be much cheaper than booking direct. So how are they paying their dues all while making a profit themselves? By charging you more! Once you actually proceed to checkout, they'll slip in their own extra fees on top of what it costs to book direct. That's right -- they're charging you extra to book on their "free" and "cheaper" site. Bottom line: cut out the middleman and cut costs.

Get it All

Most homeowners trust their property with a professional vacation rental manager, and rightly so -- there are so many perks. While the vast majority of great homes will be in a rental program, only a small portion of those homes will concurrently list on OTAs. This means that what your'e seeing on their site is only the tip of the iceberg. Many popular homes don't necessarily need to be featured on OTAs to get rented. See a comprehensive list of what we have to offer - including our most sought-after homes when you book direct.

Local Care

When you #BookDirect, you aren't booking with some large-scale corporation, but rather a local business that offers a warm and genuine welcome. You're speaking with locals who are actually at your destination - not some strangers in a call-center across the country. Rather, at Southern Shores Realty, we are across the street from the beach you've been dreaming of. We have been in these houses. We call these neighborhoods "home". With that being said, if you have questions about specific areas or attractions -- local employees can expertly answer questions and cater your stay based on their personal experience.

Hassle-Free Optimization

Most folks have date, budget, and/or amenity parameters to maintain. Sure, you can select dates and a budget on an OTAs site, but how much can you really filter? Our vacation specialists eliminate all of the hassle and do the work for you at no additional fee! We have access to advanced filtering software, and as previously mentioned, we've actually been in these houses. Save time and money all while ensuring your best fit rental.

Special Offers

Booking direct opens up the doors to special offers, repeat renter discounts, and so much more! Special offers don't translate over onto OTAs websites, so you could be missing out on deals by going through the middleman. In conjunction to nixing OTA fees you can potentially save even more money by booking direct-- and, I mean -- who wouldn't love that!

When it comes to booking your vacation remember to #BookDirect. You'll save money that can, in turn, be spent on experiences during vacation all while getting your best fit home, tailored to your family's unique needs. So what are you waiting for?

Get started. Visit a vacation rental manager's website or give them a call! To begin planning your vacation on the salty Outer Banks, ring us at 252-261-2000 or visit us on the web and take the first step towards your next getaway! You know you deserve it.

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