Posted on 6/29/2020

Autumn on the Atlantic Coast

The Outer Banks is a popular summer vacation getaway for hundreds of thousands who would like to enjoy some summer sunshine. Our tourist season starts to peter out as the summer winds down, but one thing we don't understand, is why. The great weather lingers for a couple more months, and there is plenty to do! Fall is a fantastic time of year for the beach.

Why is the OBX in the fall such a great time? Well, where do we begin?

Great weather. The temperatures in September and October remain around 70-80°F, with warm waters. 

Outdoor Activities. These ideal temperatures make all of your typical summer activities much more enjoyable. Hit up the links and get a round of golf in, enjoy all the foliage on a nature walk, or hop in a kayak for a sunrise (or sunset!) paddle out.

Fishing. With the warmer waters in the fall, preparing to switch over to winter waters means the fish are running. It is a great time for fishing, and that brings fishing tournaments, surf fishing, charter trips, and seafood harvests. Check out our piers, charters, and boat rentals. There are so many ways to test the waters, learn more in our Outer Banks Fishing Guide

Fresh seafood. With all of the fishing, and the tourist population subsiding, there's plenty of fresh deliciousness to go around. Check out our local restaurants for fresh features and local markets for the just-off-the-dock harvests.

Dining out. Speaking of restaurants, enjoy your favorite spots without the lines or wait times. The staff has gotten over the summer time rush and can breathe a bit better, meaning a higher quality service as well. 

No Traffic. I know it's probably hard to believe, but Saturdays on HWY12 aren't always busy. The traffic is only intense in the prime summer weeks. Enjoy the ease of traveling up and down the Banks without having to wrestle traffic. Traveling is a breeze in the fall.

Beach Treasures. The lack of crowds allows for ultimate beach combing. Grab a beach bag and hit the shoreline! This is a great time of year to find goodies on the beach.  The lack of people picking through the treasures means there's more to go around. Plus, the increasing swells upwell desirables from the ocean floor.

Watersports. The swells in the fall allow for great opportunities to surf. Many folks will come down this time of year to catch some wave action. Windsurfing and other watersports are also popular this time of year before the winds switch directions. 

Paws in the Sand. Fall is a great time for surfers, beachcombers, foodies, anglers-and, our four-legged friends! Yep, the uncrowded beaches and more moderate temperatures means your fluffy friend can soak up the beach too! 

$avings. As if all of these wonderful things aren't enough to show just how awesome autumn is on the Atlantic coast, then let's talk about affordability. ;) Fall rates are lower than that of the peak summer season. Not to mention, local retailers are having their "End of Summer" sales, so you can get your souvenirs for a deal. You can have your beach getaway on the Outer Banks for an affordable price. Who doesn't love saving money, right?!

If you would like to get situated in a rental for this fall, check our line-up of rentals by clicking here.

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