Posted on 10/26/2022

Why Vacation Rentals Just Make More Sense

There are so many ways to stay nowadays. Here are some reasons why we think a private vacation rental triumphs hotels and motels.

There's Room to Breathe

Forget crowded elevators, searching for an empty breakfast table, and getting splashed by strangers in the hotel pool. When you rent a private space, you'll have your own kitchen, driveway, and room to spread out. You wont have to cram the family into one or two hotel rooms, you'll be able to stay together while also having an opportunity for privacy by going having separate rooms.

You Can Make Yourself at Home

You'll be able to make yourself at home and live like a local for the week. You'll have a room to store your belongings, buy groceries, do laundry, cook a meal, play games, and have a movie night. The best part is that you don't have to haul all your beach gear up and down an elevator and navigate it all through long narrow hallways, just to store in the same room your sleeping in. Sometimes its the little things that bring about the most convenience and comfort.

Relax in a Quiet Space

No kids running up and down the interior halls of a hotel. You also wont have to fight the hotel crowd right in front of the high rise building. With so many people staying in a small plot of land, you're all looking for convenience and wanting to "beach it" where you're staying. but when you have a 100-room hotel jam packed in the summer heat, you're not going to find a convenient beach spot as easily as you would if you used a residential, or maybe even your very own private beach access.

You're Supporting Local

When your stay with a private rental company, you're supporting small and local business. Corporate hotel chains cant offer the same personalized care that property management companies can. Southern Shores Realty, for example, has been a family owned business since 1947 - that's 75 years dedicated solely to this area and helping vacationers make the most of their OBXperience.

Browse our selection of Outer Banks vacation rentals and see for yourself why renting a private vacation rental just makes sense.

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