Bud Light Lime Surf Series Roster

August 30, 2012

We have just been given the official roster for the Bud Light Lime Surf Series – Labor Day Cup at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head.  Below is the roster (ladies first), as well as two open spots for local qualifiers and TBD.  Go on out and enjoy the sun and surf with this awesome group (shout out to our hometown competitors!).  We will be on sight Monday morning for a special beach report as well as look forward to photos from the day!

budlightlimesurfseries-logo-300x242_1Women’s Roster

1.  Amy Nicholl

2.  Anastasia Ashley

3.  Jenna Balester

4.  Keala Kennelly

5.  Kim Diggs

6.  Kim Mayer

7.  Kyla Langen

8.  Leah Dawson

Men’s Roster                           

1.  Aaron Cormican

2.  Alek Parker

3.  Asher Nolan

4.  Ben Bourgeois

5.  Benji Weatherley

6.  Brett Barley

7.  Cheyne  Magnusson

8.  C.J Kanuha

9.  Damien Fahrenfort

10.  Dean Morrison

11.  Dylan Goodale

12.  Dylan Graves

13.  Fred Patacchia, Jr

14.  Gabe Kling

15.  Jeff Myers

16.  Jeremy Johnston

17.  Kalani Robb

18.  Kekoa Bacalso

19.  Kilian Garland

20.  Makua Rothman

21.  Michael Dunphy

22.  Nathaniel Curran

23.  Oliver Kurtz

24.  Ricky Whitlock

25.  Sam Hammer

26.  Sean Moody

27.  Sunny Garcia

28.  Torrey Meister

29.  TBD

30.  TBD

31.  Local Trials Winner #1

32.  Local Trials Winner #2


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