Fall Outer Banks Vacations

August 20, 2012

photo-5-31-e1345216908631-300x225_1By my calculations, I have vacationed in over 40 different Outer Banks vacation rentals throughout the course of my life as a Pennsylvania resident.  I have vacationed along with my family, basically the entire stretch of the Outer Banks from the turn @ HWY 12 to way down in Hatteras village.  I have cultivated numerous experiences during those vacation stays and there is much that I would like to convey to our readers in an effort to maximize other’s enjoyment of this stretch of land. One of the “rituals” my family developed over the past 6 years or so is vacationing to the Outer Banks during the fall.  My siblings and I found we had reasonable time off during the Thanksgiving holiday, and the parents had banked away enough time off to give it a shot as well.  After moving homework assignments and coordinating with my professors it’s actually quite easy to do on a student’s end of things but that’s neither here nor there.  The point of it is that we wanted to escape to the beach anytime we could because quite frankly, we all love it here.

One of the benefits that first will present itself to you is the rental rates.  You can book (on average) a sweet Outer Banks vacation rental that would typically crush the bank account for pennies on the dollar.  For example:  A 4 bedroom, oceanfront beach house, loaded up with amenities like a hot tub, fireplace, etc., would normally run you in the ballpark of $3,000+ during the peak season.  However, when the month ends in a “r”, the deals start arriving.  You can find an extravagant beach house for under $1,000 and live like kings for the week!  One of my favorite parts of my family’s vacations down here is that we like staying in different houses and locations each trip.  With the prices in the Fall, you can bounce around from oceanfront houses to soundfront, etc., with ease and not worry as much about the cost of a trip but rather the enjoyment. The second benefit we discovered was that the beach, the highway, the Outer Banks as a whole, slowed down.  The number of tourists here after Labor Day in September is minuscule compared to the sweaty-hot days driving 30mph on the bypass and trying not to agitate others on the beach while looking for a spot to drop your towel.  We could not get over how much more relaxing our beach vacation was when there was not as many people there with you.  I’m not saying I don’t like people enjoying the beach during the summer.  All I mean is that you can breathe easier without “the hoard” everywhere you wanted to go.  The lack of madness made things like dining out easier ten fold!  You can walk into your favorite place to eat and not face a 2 hour wait like you may for a family in the summer months.  The ocean water is without a doubt cold, but your cozy, beach cottage fireplace and bubbly hot tub feel oh-so better when there’s a crisp, cool air on you versus stanky summer sweat.  I would pay SO much money right now to be in a oceanfront cottage in November, relaxing with the deck door open, smelling the wood fire and seafood cooking for dinner, and then chillax in the hot tub with a drink afterwards. Real life daydreaming just happened there… did you try too?

beach-pottery-225x300Another (super sweet) benefit to a Fall Outer Banks vacation is that most of the “touristy” gift shops and restaurants will close after Thanksgiving and if you’re remotely like me, you enjoy a fantastic deal.  Some of the best deals can be found in the Fall here.  Pretty much every Wings, Sunsations, etc., hosts a 50% sale.  Period.  They are liquidating any seasonal merch they have and are willing to chop the price tag to get some traffic in the door.  They still make money, but YOU can scoop up some fantastic stuff for cheap!  Many will buy bathing suits, towels, beach accessories, and gifts for fantastic prices compared to the summer “the price is the price” mentality (who doesn’t want a warm OBX hoodie in the fall?).  A tip from one vacationer to another: avoid businesses with a “going out FOR business” sign outside.  We fell prey to one of these before; you have to read the middle words – it’s a sham.  Nonetheless, Fall is a bargain hunter’s dream if you are into logo’d merchandise and beachy gifts! Without drawing this article out any longer, I thought I would blurb out several thoughts that first come to my mind when thinking about a Fall Outer Banks vacation to kind of wrap it up!  Ready?


photo-1-31-300x199_1I hope this information inspires you to give a Fall Outer Banks vacation a try.  Southern Shores Realty offers many Outer Banks rentals that would be perfect for a Fall vacation.  The beach is without a doubt on a slower pace during late September through November, but many people really love that about it.   Why don’t you give it a try?

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