Money Saving Vacation Tips

June 3, 2013


This is real simple and straight to the point, because we know everyone could use a little financial relief.  But did you know you could possibly cut your vacation cost by hundreds of dollars?  Here’s a few money saving vacation tips, that may seem overly simple, but they’re often ignored and can quickly stack up.

  1. Eat breakfast where kids eat free or split meals with your younger children.  The larger your family the more expensive meals become.  Restaurants that are kid friendly are more than happy to provide an extra plate.
  2. Eat lunch back at your vacation rental.  You’ll be amazed at how good a peanut butter sandwich tastes when you’re away from home, or in our case it is usually a peanut butter and banana sandwich.  Throw in some chips and fresh fruit and you have a money saving lunch.
  3. Take advantage of coupons, and we have a video about that: Coupon Book: Real Vacation Moments.
  4. Bring individual refillable water bottles. You’ll be amazed at the savings when you’re talking about 6 to 12 people refilling with filtered water vs. grabbing another bottle of water.
  5. Give each child a set amount of money to spend (or let them save up their own money before vacation time).  Nothing is worse than getting “nickled and dimed” to death on all the little trinkets and souvenirs that grab the attention of your little ones. By giving them a set amount of money they’ll be more cautious about their spending and will be less inclined to ask for things in every store you go in.
  6. Spend a day away from the attractions and enjoy the beach.  So many try to cram their vacation with so many things that they forget to relax and enjoy what nature gave us.  Spend some time with your family and enjoy the beach.
  7. Stay at an Outer Banks rental. At first glance, a rental home might seem like a more expensive choice for your vacation, but it can be a money-saving decision. The biggest benefit to renting a home is that you have a full kitchen. If you choose to buy or bring groceries and prepare meals, you can save hundreds of dollars in restaurant bills over the course of a week. (Other potential benefits include a private pool, a garage, laundry facilities, and a little elbow room between you and your nearest neighbor. Some of these rentals are pet-friendly, so you can also save money by bringing your dog or cat, rather than boarding them.)

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