Money Saving Vacation Tips

January 22, 2019

Money Saving Vacation TipsJanuary is almost over and soon summer will be here before you know it. We know that saving money when you go on vacation can be a good thing for any family, big or small. We wanted to go over a few money saving vacation tips that while they may seem a bit simple, they are often ignored when you vacation, and the cost of your vacation can quickly stack up. Let’s look at how you and your family can save money this year as you get ready for your family vacation.

Eat at Home

Money Saving Vacation Tips

We know that for many families when they are on vacation they love to dine out because they aren’t at home. But for many families it can get pretty pricey when you do go out, so to help save money so you can spend it elsewhere we suggest you cook in your vacation rental. Don’t let cooking at your rental get you down because you can get everyone in the family involved. Let the younger kids help make breakfast or set the table. Let the older kids help with making lunches and dinner. It doesn’t have to be a chore while you are on vacation but it can help save quite a bit of money in the long run so you can enjoy your vacation a little more.

Use Coupons

Money Saving Vacation Tips

A lot of the times when you come to the Outer Banks, you can pick up the Coupon Book to help save money. In this book you will find many coupons you can use at different restaurants, shops and even activities. These coupon books are free for you to use and you can even check them out online in advance to help you plan what you’d like to do while on vacation. When you go grocery shopping to help save money, use coupons that you printed off at home or got from the Sunday paper. Using coupons can help you save money and we know every little bit helps.

Give the Kids Money

Money Saving Vacation Tips

If you have ever been on vacation to anywhere with kids, then you know that you will be “nickeled and dimed” to the max on trinkets and souvenirs. If you give each child a set amount of money to spend (or let them save up their own money before it’s vacation time) then they will be a little more cautious about spending their money on junk. This gives them a little freedom to be able spend their money on whatever they want to rather than begging you for money.

Bring Refillable Water Bottles

Money Saving Vacation Tips

When you pack for your vacation, you will want to bring a refillable water bottle for every member in your family. This alone will help save money for your family because instead of everyone grabbing a new water bottle, they will be refilling their own bottle up. And during the summer we do recommend getting an insulated one to help keep your drinks nice and cold during the summer heat.

Stay in an Outer Banks Vacation Rental

Money Saving Vacation Tips

At first glance, a vacation home might seem like a more expensive choice for your vacation, but it can be a money-saving decision. The biggest benefit to renting a home is that you have access to a full kitchen. If you choose to buy or bring groceries with you and prepare meals, you can save hundreds of dollars just in restaurant bills alone over the course of a week. Other benefits of staying in a vacation home is you can possibly have a private pool, garage, laundry facilities and a little more space between you and your nearest neighbor. Some of the rentals are pet-friendly so you can save money by bringing your pets instead of boarding them at home.

While there are many other ways on saving money when you vacation to the Outer Banks, these are the few we thought you would get the most out of. If you still haven’t booked your next vacation to the Outer Banks, then you should check out our weekly specials and see how you can save some money by booking your trip today!

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